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The landmark forum for the acupuncture profession, the American Journal of Acupuncture is the most widely read, peer-reviewed, English-language acupuncture and Oriental medicine journal in the world. Among the scores of topics targeting clinical concerns, consider these special series and feature articles. To place an order, see Orders.
Blank Space Checkmark 1998 and 1999 (Volume 26 & 27): Parkinson's Disease: Unique Energetic Correlations Lead to New Therapy
This pioneering technique has enabled a decrease in symptoms & reduction of conventional medication. An evolving hypothesis describes the factors which may set in motion the cascade of changes that precipitate the neurologic damage found in Parkinson's disease; thus, the proposal that decreased dopamine is not the cause of PD, but a side effect of this cascade.
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The 1999 issues also include articles on acupuncture and . . .
Blank Space Blank Space • Healing wounds resistant to conventional Tx • O-ring testing receives US Patent • How reliable is O-ring testing? • Tx of knee osteoarthritis • Psychological disturbances from the perspective of Chinese medicine • The holograms of micro-acupuncture Blank Space • Musculo-tendino channels (jing jin) and exogenous pathogens • Tx of varicose veins • Nutritional supplement intolerance • Comparison of migraine protocols • Review of research studies of Colorpuncture Blank Space
The 1998 issues also include articles on acupuncture and ...
  • Integrated treatment of chronic Hepatitis C • Strategies for enhancing immunity • Treating geriatric patients • Large scale study on labor pain and acupuncture • Therapeutic use of essential oils • Determination of safe needling depth via CT scan   • Incorporating Five Element methods into TCM • Acupuncture management of placental retention • Tennis elbow • Comparison of protocols for sciatica • Sportsmedicine • Russian perspective on Luo vessels • Hind limb paralysis in dogs, etc.  
  Checkmark 1997 (Volume 25): Botanic Therapies: A European Professional Perspective
This series provides a sophisticated & international perspective on the selection of herbal remedies. By integrating biomedical information from the Five Phase system & the neuroendocrine model used by European physicians, you'll learn to distinguish patterns that give significance to symptoms that would otherwise go unnoticed.
The 1997 issues also contain articles on acupuncture and ...
  •Proven Huatuo Jiaji point protocols for pain • Post-surgical nerve damage • Needle metal intolerance • Reducing anti-schizophrenia drugs • Kidney stones • Hip pain • Japanese acupuncture   • Update on mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia • Kirlian phenomena • Facial paralysis in horses • The Tomatis method, etc.  
  Checkmark 1996 (Volume 24): Two important series: 1) Technique & Theory of O-Ring Testing! and 2) Help for Fibromyalgia Patients!  
The 1996 issues also contain articles on acupuncture and ...
  • Osteoarthritic bone spurs • Senile dementia • HIV: 5-yr review • Coronary artery disease; arrhythmia • Chronic bedwetting • Insufficient lactation • Cystic fibrosis • TMJ distress   • Brain perfusion post acupuncture • Command points • Sciatic nerve injury • Colorpuncture • Role of endogenous opioids • Use of therapeutic sound, etc.  
  Checkmark 1995 (Volume 23): Energetic Trauma — Treating the Effects of Abuse, Incest, Rape & Divorce
From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this series examines the impact of the "betrayal of intimacy." Provides new insight into the theory & treatment of the profound implications these traumas may have on organ systems. Includes acupuncture & herbal strategies, plus a 27-page case study.
The 1995 issues also contain articles on acupuncture and ...
  • Enhancing athletic performance • Reversal of mental & physical retardation • Periodontal dz • Edema • Herbal support for breast cancer • Post-stroke CT-scan study • Cellulite   • Toxicity of dairy foods • Auto-immune diseases • Tendinitis • Ayurveda and Korean Hand acupuncture • Epilepsy • Hypertension, etc.  
  Checkmark 1994 (Volume 22): Integrating Body & Mind — Treatment of Mental & Emotional Disorders
One of the important characteristics of Chinese medicine is the close integration of Body and Mind. A clear interpretation of classical knowledge in this 2-part series by renowned author Giovanni Maciocia explores the theory and methods for effectively treating psychological & emotional imbalances.
The 1994 issues also contain articles on acupuncture and ...
  • Phantom limb pain • Post-polio syndrome • Post-herpetic neuralgia • Menstrual irregularities • Restoring post-op urinary & GI function • Skin diseases • Shoulder pain   • Acupuncture grant proposal guidelines • Infantile diarrhea • Oriental medicine & the frontiers of biological science • Optimal analgesia • Chinese eye exercises, etc.  
  Checkmark 1993 (Volume 21): Stroke Prevention & Treatment
This 3-part series examines stroke prevention & treatment from the unique perspective of Chinese medicine. Based on an extensive review of acupuncture studies & techniques detailed in this report, there is new hope for both post-stroke patients & for its prevention. Learn practical, proven acupuncture techniques that you & your patients can utilize today.
The 1993 issues also contain articles on acupuncture and ...
  • De-mystifying Chinese pulse taking • Enhanced immune function • Infertility & uterine myomas • Which acupoints provide the best diagnostic information? • Treatment of biliary & renal colic   • Acu-prescriptions for asthma • 5-Elements & constitutional type • Treating addictions, including eating disorders • Anxiety and depression etc.  
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