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Pointing Finger Volume 27, No. 1 & 2 (1999)
The Use of Acupuncture-Like Electrical Stimulation for Wound Healing of Lesions Unresponsive to Conventional Treatment
H. Sumano, G. Mateos
The Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy with Acupuncture: A Clinical Case Study
G. Elgert, L. Olmstead
Case Report: Successful Treatment of Varicose Veins with Acupuncture
R. Bodenheim
Comparative Study on the Treatment of Migraine Headache with Combined Distant and Local Acupuncture Points Versus Conventional Drug Therapy
SY Gao, DL Zhao, YG Xie
Primary Parkinson's Disease: The Use of Tuina and Acupuncture in Accord With an Evolving Hypothesis of Its Cause from the Perspective of Chinese Traditional Medicine — Part 2
J. Walton-Hadlock
Energetics and Transformation: Insights on the Paradoxical Opportunity Presented by Chronic Illness and Pain — Part III
M. Greenwood
Acupoint Energetics of Nutritional Supplement Intolerance: Patient Self-Prescribing May Impair Clinical Progress
M.M. Van Benschoten
Colored Light Therapy: Overview of its History, Theory, Recent Developments, and Clinical Applications Combined with Acupuncture
Anna Cocilovo
A Review of Recent Research Studies on the Efficacy of Esogetic Colorpuncture Therapy® — A Wholistic Acu-Light System
M. Croke, R. Dass-Bourne
Issues in Acupuncture Research: The Failure of Quantitative Methodologies and the Possibilities for Viable, Alternative Solutions
A. Moroz
Toward Improving the Reliability of Clinical Acupuncture Trials: Arguments Against the Validity of "Sham Acupuncture" as Controls
D. Ryan
Actual Risks, or Merely the Intentional Use of "Probability" Statements to Discredit Acupuncture?
    Clinical Trial of Electrical Acupuncture on Hemiplegic Stroke Patients
    Prognostic Value of the Pilocarpine Test to Identify Patients Who May Obtain Long-term relief from Xerostomia by Acupuncture Treatment
    Evaluation of Acupuncture for Pain Control After Oral Surgery: A Placebo-controlled Trial
    Comparison Study of Acupoints of the Heart Channel and Neiguan (PC-6) in Improvement of Heart Function in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
    The Use of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
    Use of Noninvasive Electroacupuncture for the Treatment of HIV-related Peripheral Neuropathy: A Plot Study
    Use of Traditional Drugs in a Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Germany
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Pointing Finger Volume 27, No. 3 & 4 (1999)
TENS, Electroacupuncture and Ice Massage: Comparison of Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
M. Yurtkuran, T. Kocagil
Understanding Acute Disharmonies of the Channel Sinews
S. Rodger-Withers
Psychology and Chinese Medicine: Exploring the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Disharmonies of the Kidney Energy System
L. Hammer
The Paradox of the Unity and Duality of the Kidneys According to Chinese Medicine: Kidney Essence, Yin, Yang, Qi, the Mingmen — Their Origins, Relationships, Functions and Manifestations
L. Hammer
Energetics and Transformation: Insights on the Paradoxical Opportunity Presented by Chronic Illness and Pain — Part IV
M. Greenwood
The Systems, Holograms and Theory of Micro-Acupuncture
R.A. Dale
Point — Counterpoint: Is O-Ring Testing a Reliable Method?
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Pointing Finger Volume 26, No. 1 (1998)
Whole-System Models Commonly Used in European Botanic Therapies, Part II: The Five Phases Model
D. Kenner, Y. Requena
Clinical Investigation on the Use of Acupuncture for Treatment of Placental Retention
P.A. Chauhan, F.J. Gasser, A.M. Chauhan
Introduction to Floating Acupuncture: Clinical Study on the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis
Y. Huang, Z-H Fu, D-B Xia, R-K Wu
Can the Addition of Moxibustion During Acupuncture Therapy Improve Recovery from Bell's Palsy?
S-Y Gao, Q-Y Gao
Comparative Study on Acupuncture Needling Methods for Sciatica: Routine Needling versus Point-to-Point Penetration and Deep Puncture
X-S Chen
Clinical Considerations for the Use of Traditional Oriental Therapies on Geriatric Patients in an Institutional Setting
S. Gardner-Abbate
Investigation into the Possibilities of Using Ear Acupressure for Increasing the Pain Threshold During Athletic Training
I. Tekeoglu, B. Adak, M. Ercan
A Double-Blind Comparison of Electrodermal Testing With Serial Dilution End-Point Titration and Skin Prick Tests for Allergy to House Dust Mite
J. Krop, G.T. Lewith, W. Gziut, C. Radulescu
Do Mechanosensitive (Stretch-Activated) Ion Channels Play a Role in Mediating the Response to Acupuncture Needling?
S-X Ma
    The Side Effects of Elective Acupuncture Treatment During Menstruation
    Acupuncture and Chronobiology
    Herbal Medicines in Hawaii — From Tradition to Convention
    U.S. Hospitals Offering Acupuncture Internship Programs
    Protection and Continued Persecution of Practitioners: The Case of Jozef Krop
    Silk Scrolls: Earliest Literature of Meridian Doctrine in Ancient China.
    Acupuncture Enhances the Efficacy of Antibiotic Treatment for Canine Otitis Crises.
    The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Used in the Successful Diagnosis & Treatment (with Antibiotics, Anti-viral Agents & Oriental Herbal Medicine) of a Patient Suffering from Pain & Weakness of an Upper Extremity & Barre´-Li´eou Syndrome Appearing after Whiplash Injury. A Case Report.
    A Review of Mind-Body Therapies in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. Part 1: Implications for the Elderly.
    Reducing Naltrexone-Resistant Hyperphagia Using Laser Acupuncture to Increase Endogenous Opiates.
    Acupressure as an Adjunct to a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.
    Effect of Electroacupuncture on Dendritic Appearance of Spinal Motor Neurons in Regeneration of Peripheral Nerves.
    Electroacupuncture at "Huatuo Jiaji Point" Inhibits the Expression of Fos Protein in Rat Spinal Cord Induced by Traumatic Pain.
    Acupuncture Utilization in Taiwan.
    Reversal of Reflex-Induced Myocardial Ischemia by Median Nerve Stimulation: A Feline Model of Electroacupuncture.
    Do Certain Countries Produce Only Positive Results? A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials.
    The Effects of Acupuncture, Electroneedling and Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Therapies on Peripheral Haemodynamic Functioning.
    Evaluation of Acupuncture and Occlusal Splint Therapy in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.
    Self-Report Benefits of Tai Chi Practice by Older Adults.
    Cervical Spinal Epidural Abscess Following Acupuncture: Successful Treatment with Antibiotics.
    Effect of Acupuncture Stimulation of the Auricular Sympathetic Point on Evoked Sudomotor [Sweat Gland] Response.
    Chinese Medicine Users in the United States. Part I: Utilization, Satisfaction, Medical Plurality.
    Strategies to Maintain the Credibility of Sham Acupuncture Used as a Control Treatment in Clinical Trials.
    A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Investigation of Electrodermal Testing in the Diagnosis of Allergies.
    Cancer Chemopreventive and Therapeutic Activities of Red Ginseng.
    Clinical Observation on Correcting Malposition of Fetus by Electroacupuncture.
    Twelve-Month Tai Chi Training in the Elderly: Its Effect on Health Fitness.
    Sympathetic Nerve Activity After Acupuncture in Humans.
    Establishing a Research Agenda for Investigating Alternative Medical Interventions for Chronic Pain.
    New Findings of the Correlation Between Acupoints and Corresponding Brain Cortices Using Functional MRI.
    The Drive for Professionalization in Acupuncture: A Preliminary View from the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Pointing Finger Volume 26, No. 2/3 (1998)
European Botanic Therapies, Part III: The Use of Essential Oils in Clinical Practice
D. Kenner
Comparative Study on Acupuncture Combined With Behavioral Desensitization for Treatment of Anxiety Neuroses
Liu GZ, Zang YJ, Guo LX, Liu AZ
Determination of Safe Needling Depth via CT-Scan Studies of Tissue Thicknesses at Acupoint Locations of the Lower Back
JG Lin, TC Li, HJ Liu, CY Sheu
Luo Vessels (Collaterals): A New Perspective
M. Teppone, L. Novikova
Energetics and Transformation: Insights on the Paradoxical Opportunity Presented by Chronic Illness and Pain — Part I
M. Greenwood
Acupuncture Point Sequences: Clinical Insights on Disease Progression
M.M. Van Benschoten
Primary Parkinson's Disease: The Use of Tuina and Acupuncture in Accord With an Evolving Hypothesis of Its Cause from the Perspective of Chinese Traditional Medicine — Part I
J. Walton-Hadlock
Acupuncture Treatment of Grade III and IV Canine Thoracolumbar Disc Disease (Hind Limb Paralysis)
J. Still
Traditional Oriental Medicine: The Need for a Historical Perspective
D. Willmont
The Use of Urea-Containing Skin Care Preparations in Channel Therapy: An Easy and Time-Saving Variation on Acupuncture
Are We Searching in the Right Direction: Is the Meridian System an Externoceptive Regulatory System, Functioning as Part of an Ancient Self Healing Mechanism?
    Stimulation of Auricular Acupuncture Points in Weight Loss.
    Mapping Acupuncture Points Using Multi-Channel Device.
    The Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Treating Acute Dental Pain: A Systematic Review.
    Effects of Acupuncture on Foveation Characteristics in Congenital Nystagmus.
    Endogenous Orphanin FQ: Evidence for a Role in the Modulation of Electroacupuncture Analgesia and the Development of Tolerance to Analgesia Produced by Morphine and Electroacupuncture.
    Controlled Trial of Japanese Acupuncture for Chronic Myofascial Neck Pain: Assessment of Specific and Nonspecific Effects of Treatment.
    Unilateral Sacroiliitis as an Unusual Complication of Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture for the Treatment of Chronic Painful Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy: A Long-term Study.
    Influence of Acupuncture on Duration of Labor.
    Courses Involving Complementary and Alternative Medicine at US Medical Schools.
    The Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Acupuncture: Does it Have a Place in Military General Practice?
    A Fatal Case of Streptococcal Toxic Shock-like Syndrome Probably Caused by Acupuncture.
    Introducing a Placebo Needle into Acupuncture Research.
    The Influence of Sensory Stimulation (Acupuncture) on the Release of Neuropeptides in the Saliva of Healthy Subjects.
    The Effects of Qi-gong and Acupuncture on Human Cerebral Evoked Potentials and Electroencephalogram.
    Therapy of Articular and Periarticular Pain with Local Anesthetics (Neural Therapy of Huneke). Long and Short Term Results.
    Low and High Frequency Electroacupuncture at Hoku Elicits a Distinct Mechanism to Activate Sympathetic Nervous System in Anesthetized Rats.
    Effects of Acupuncture on the Oxygenation of Cerebral Tissue.
    Acupuncture for Urinary Incontinence in Patients with Chronic Spinal Cord Injury. A Preliminary Report.
    Influence of Acupuncture on Maternal Serum Levels of Interleukin-8, Prostaglandin F2alpha, and Beta-endorphin: A Matched Pair Study.
    Sympathetic Nerve Activity After Acupuncture in Humans.
    Pain Treatment of Fibromyalgia by Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture in the Prophylaxis of Recurrent Lower Urinary Tract Infection in Adult Women.
    A Study on the Cumulative Effect of Repeated Electroacupuncture on Chronic Pain.
    A Therapeutic Trial of Acupuncture in Neurogenic Bladder of Spinal Cord Injured Patients — A Preliminary Report.
    Use of and Interest in Alternative Therapies Among Adult Primary Care Clinicians and Adult Members in a Large Health Maintenance Organization.
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Pointing Finger Volume 26, No. 4 (1998)
Acupuncture During Childbirth Reduces Use of Conventional Analgesia Without Major Adverse Effects: A Retrospective Study
NK Ternov, P Buchhave, et al.
Case Studies on the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus: An Integrated Approach Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
JE Williams
Brain Atrophy and Ageing: Research on the Effect of Acupuncture on Neuronal Apoptosis in Cortical Tissue
Shi XM, Wang S, Liu QZ, et al.
Nobel Prize Discovery Opens Possibilities for Exploring Acupuncture Mechanisms and Dementia: The Effects of Needling on Nitric Oxide Levels in Plasma and Myocardium
Shi XM, Li P, Wang S, et al.
Clinical Strategies for Immune Enhancement with Oriental Medicine
S Gardner-Abbate
Energetics and Transformation: Insights on the Paradoxical Opportunity Presented by Chronic Illness and Pain — Part II
M. Greenwood
Can Acupuncture Points Play a Role in the Response of the Human Circadian Clock to Extraocular Light Exposure?
L. Sher
Yin, Yang and the Six Phases of Qi: How They Define Health and Disease
S. Chamberlain
Incorporating Five Element Acupuncture into Your TCM Practice
Acupuncture, Endogenous Opioids, and Anxiety Disorders
Severe Trigeminal Pain of 15 Years Duration Cured by Acupuncture
    Acupuncturists Needed for Honduras Relief Project
    Drug and Herb Interactions: Common Sense Advice From a Veteran Observer
    JAMA Devotes Issue to Topics in Alternative Medicine
    The Pychologizing of Chinese Healing Practices in the United States
    FDA Drafting Guidelines on Development of Botanical Drugs in the U.S.
    The Effect of Acupuncture on the Incidence of Postextubation Laryngospasm in Children.
    A Single-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of a Simple Acupuncture Treatment in the Cessation of Smoking.
    An Insulin-Dependent Hypoglycaemia Induced by Electroacupuncture at Acupoint Zhongwan (CV-12) in Diabetic Rats.
    Acupuncture Treatment of Vasomotor Symptoms in Men With Prostatic Carcinoma: A Pilot Study.
    Sensory Stimulation (Acupuncture) Increases the Release of Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide in the Saliva of Xerostomia Sufferers.
    Clinical Research on the Therapeutic Effect of Electroacupuncture Treatment in Patients with Depression.
    Acupuncture in Treatment of Stable Asthma.
    Transient Decrease in Skin Resistance Response and Level at the Deh-chi [DeQi] Stage Caused by Manual Acupuncture.
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Pointing Finger Volume 25, No. 1 (1997)
Treatment Protocols and Case Studies on the Management of Pain With Huatuo Jiaji Points
X-B Liang, D-Q Tian, et al
Case Report on the Use of Acupuncture for Treatment of Chronic Gastric Volvulus
L-H Hu
Clinical Report on the Acupuncture Treatment of Postsurgical Nerve Damage with a Second Metacarpal Holographic Point
X-S Wang, Z-L Zhang, H-Z Gao
Comparative Clinical Study on the Treatment of Schizophrenia with Electroacupuncture and Reduced Doses of Antipsychotic Drugs
Z Gang, S-B Jin
A Biochemical Hypotheses for the Effectiveness of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Substance Abuse: Acupuncture and the Reward Cascade
S. Scott, W. Scott
Biocompatibility of Acupuncture Needles: Clinical Failures Due to Toxicity, Infection and Metal Intolerance
M.M. Van Benschoten
The Contraindicated (Forbidden) Points of Acupuncture for Needling, Moxibustion & Pregnancy
R.A. Dale
Tracing the Historical Transmission of Traditional Acupuncture to the West: In Search of the Five Element Transfer Lineage and a Higher Vision
P. Eckman
Brief Report on the 1996 U.S. Toyohari Workshop With Reflections on the Development of Keiraku Chiryo (Japanese Meridian Therapy) in America
S. Birch, J. Ida
    Conditioned Healing with Electroacupuncture.
    Inhibition of Acid Secretion by Electrical Acupuncture is Mediated via Beta-Endorphin and Somatostatin.
    Acute Effects of Acupuncture on Physiological and Psychological Responses to Cycle Ergometry.
    Activation of Anterior Lobe Corticotrophs by Electroacupuncture of Noxious Stimulation in the Anaesthetized Rat, as Shown by Co-localization of Fos Protein with ACTH and Beta-Endorphin and Increased Hormone Release.
    Effect of Acupuncture on Cardiopulmonary Function.
    Multidisciplinary Approach to Chronic Back Pain: Prognostic Elements of the Outcome.
    Effects of Repeated Sensory Stimulation (Electroacupuncture) and Physical Exercise (Running) on Open-Field Behaviour and Concentrations of Neuropeptides in the Hippocampus in Rats.
    Preliminary Results of Triple Therapy for Obesity.
    A Possible Involvement of Monoaminergic and Opioidergic Systems in the Analgesia Induced by Electroacupuncture in Rabbits.
    Acupuncture Stimulation Enhances Splenic Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity in Rats.
    Increases in Gastric Acidity in Response to Electroacupuncture Stimulation of the Hind Limb of Anesthetized Rats.
    Is Auricular Acupuncture Beneficial in the Inpatient Treatment of Substance-Abusing Patients? A Pilot Study.
    Increase of Locomotor Activity by Acupuncture on Bai-Hui Point in Rats.
    Systemic Anti-inflammatory Effect Induced by Antidromic Stimulation of the Dorsal Roots in the Rat.
    The Operating Room of the Future.
    Acupuncture: A Review.
    Supportive Care Programs in Cancer at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo.
    New Trends in the Study of the Primary Fibromyalgic Syndrome.
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Pointing Finger Volume 25, No. 2/3 (1997)
Hirschsprung's Disease (Congenital Megacolon) in Infants and Young Children: Symptomatic Management with Acupuncture and Moxibustion
T. Zhong, G. Yang
Preliminary Report: Treatment of Hip Pain Due to Soft Tissue Lesions, Bursitis and Tendinitis by Five-Needle Deep Tissue Stimulation
J.R. Tsai, C. Rothenberg
A Brief Guide to the Use of the Navel Microsystem for Diagnosis and Root Treatment According to Classical Chinese and Japanese Traditions
S. Gardner-Abbate
Assessing Kirlian Phenomena via Energy Emission Analysis (EEA): An Interview with Originator Peter Mandel
M. Croke, R.Dass
Clinical Reasoning and Category Identification (Bian Zheng) in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Implications for Development of Educational Strategies
C. J. Zaslawski
Toward Development of Appropriate Clinical Trial Methodology for Acupuncture: Considerations and Design of a Research Project on Stress
M. Garvey, C. Rogers, et al.
The Use of Electroacupuncture for the Management of Unilateral Traumatic Facial Paralysis in the Horse: Preliminary Report
H. Sumano, G. Mateos, L Hoyos
Identification of a Continuous "Ribbon" of Low Mitotic Activity in the Rat Epidermis Consistent with the Location of the Bladder Meridian of Traditional Acupuncture
J-Y Zheng, J-Y Fan, Z-Z Dong
Glossary of Acupuncture Concepts and Terms: English and Chinese Nomenclature
R.A. Dale
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Pointing Finger Volume 25, No. 4 (1997)
Whole-System Models Commonly Used in European Botanic Therapies, Part I: The Terrain Concept and the Neuroendocrine Model
D. Kenner, Y.Requena
A Comparative Study on the Treatment of Upper Urinary Tract Calculus with an Improved Acupuncture Protocol
Y-L Ju, Q-W Tan et al.
Perspectives and Clinical Considerations on the Use of Acupuncture and Its Variations for the Treatment of Psychotic Disorders
L. Sher
The Mechanisms of Acupuncture Analgesia: Review and Update
H-G Kho, E.N. Robertson
Acupoint Resonance & Medication Testing Errors Due to Electrode Artifacts
M.M. Van Benschoten
A Symbol System for Identifying the Energetic Functions of Acupuncture Points
R.A. Dale
Therapeutic Music & Sound in Health Care, Part 2: The Tomatis Method — Frequency Medicine for the 21st Century
J. Leeds
    Spirit in Medicine
    "Electropuncture" — A Modern Modification of Acupuncture
    In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor: Tracing the History of Traditional Acupuncture, Peter Eckman. (Cypress Book (USA)
    Mind Matters: Psychological Medicine in Holistic Practice, JR Millenson. (Eastland Press, Seattle WA)
    The Acupuncture Comprehensive Prescription Index, Ralph Alan Dale. (Dialectic Publishing Inc, North Miami Beach, FL)
    Acupuncture in Practice: Case History Insights From the West, Hugh MacPherson, Ted Kaptchuk. (Churchill Livingstone, New York)
    Laseracupuncture for Patellar Tendinitis in Performance Athletes.
    Acupressure versus Intravenous Metoclopramide to Prevent Nausea and Vomiting During Spinal Anesthesia for Cesarean Section.
    Clinical Practice Guidelines in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Analysis of Opportunities and Obstacles.
    Nervous Diseases and Kampo (Japanese Herbal) Medicine: A New Paradigm of Therapy Against Intractable Nervous Diseases.
    Painful Piezogenic Pedal Papules: Response to Local Electro-Acupuncture.
    The Foramen Sternale: A Minor AnomalyÄGreat Relevance.
    Decreasing Heart Rate and Shortening of the Arterial Pulse Propagation Time by Acupuncture in the Spectral Analyses.
    Treatment of Primary Raynaud's Syndrome with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.
    The Influence of Acupuncture on Salivary Flow Rates in Healthy Subjects.
    Two Hundred Cases of Chronic Rhinitis Treated by Acupuncture at Nei Ying Xiang.
    Decreased Heart Rate by Acupuncture Stimulation in Humans via Facilitation of Cardiac Vagal Activity and Suppression of Cardiac Sympathetic Nerve.
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Pointing Finger Volume 24, No. 1 (1996)
The Use of Warm Needle Acupuncture Plus Cupping Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain Involving Osteoarthritic Hyperostosis
Lu Aiwen
Effective Therapy for Coronary Artery Disease Using Combined Moxibustion, Cupping & Chinese Herbal Plasters
Zhang Lan, Zhen Wu Gao
The Use of Body Acupuncture for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence and Withdrawal Syndrome: A Controlled Study
Sonya Toteva, Ivan Milanov
Literature Survey of Reported Adverse Effects Associated with Acupuncture Treatment
Palle Rosted
The Use of Acupuncture for the Treatment of Insufficient Lactation (Que Ru)
Steven Clavey
The Five Element-Phase Energetic Command Points of Acupuncture: Theory and Clinical Applications — Part II
Ralph Alan Dale
    Breath of Life Returned: Asthma Cured?
    Combining Best of East & West Provides New Hope for Facial Palsy
    Facing Ignorance as the Least Desirable Alternative
    The Transformation of Tibetan Medicine: Legitimization of Social Distress & Political Dissent in the Etiology of Disease
    Bioterapia: Psychic Healing & the Natural Medicine Movement in Slovakia.
    Swiss to Investigate the Use of Chinese Herbal Formulas in Large AIDS Study
    Study on Chinese Herbal Treatment of Anemia Funded by Office of Alternative Medicine
    Effective Pain Management Just Got a Lot Easier with the New Acutron Mentor Unit from MicroCurrent Research
    Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine. Shen De-Hui, Wu Xiu-Fen, Nissi Wang. (Eastland Press)
    The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine: A New Translation of the Neijing Suwen with Commentary. Maoshing Ni. (Shambhala)
    Somatosensory Evoked Potential Changes Following Electroacupuncture Therapy in Chronic Pain Patients.
    Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia With Electroacupuncture: Experience With 104 Cases.
    Studies on the Efficacy of Unconventional Therapies: Problems and Designs.
    PC-6 Acupressure Reduces Symptoms of Vection-Induced Motion Sickness.
    Acupuncture in [sic] Migraine: Long-Term Outcome and Predicting Factors.
    Effect of Acupuncture on the Overactive Bladder.
    Continuous Nocturnal Automassage of an Acupuncture Point Modifies Sleep in Healthy Subjects.
    Efficacy of Chinese Acupuncture on Postoperative Oral Surgery Pain.
    Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
    General Practitioners' Assessment of and Interest in Alternative Medicine in Canada.
    Acupuncture Therapy in Stroke During the Subacute Phase: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
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Pointing Finger Volume 24, No. 2/3 (1996)
The Influence of Acupuncture Modalities on the Treatment of Senile Dementia: A Brief Review
Gu Xudong
Case Report on the Successful Treatment of Chronic Nocturnal Enuresis with Acupuncture, Homeopathy &
Behavioral Conditioning
Maja Roje Novak
Comparison Between Acupuncture Prescriptions for the Treatment of Cholecystitis: A Report on 71 Cases
Liu Yutan, Zhang Yongchen, et al.
Introduction to the Treatment of Pain Using the Barrier Point System Developed by the Association Française d'Acupuncture
G. Guillaume, M. Chieu
Possibilities for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs: Theory and Case Study
Gary F. Fleischman
Western and Eastern Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia: Case Studies and Therapeutic Recommendations
Grace Moe
Tentative Identification of a New Microsystem of Acupuncture: The Infraspinatus Region
Alexander K.S Chan
A Brief Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture Therapy — A System of Wholistic Acu-Light Therapy: Theory and Case Studies
Manohar Croke, Rosemary Dass
Acupoint Diagnostics and HIV Pathogenesis: A Five-Year Review
M.M. Van Benschoten
An Introduction to the Basic Technique and Theory of Omura's Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Phillip Shinnick
The Cardinal Energetic Regulators of Acupuncture
Ralph Alan Dale
Toward Government Recognition of Acupuncture in the West: Traditional Acupuncture Enters Australian Universities — Implications and Opportunities
Carole Rogers
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Pointing Finger Volume 24, No. 4 (1996)
Possibilities for Optimizing Acupuncture Treatment Results Through Synchronization with Somatic State: An Examination of Autonomic Response to Superficial Needling During Exhalation
Tim Hideaki Tanaka
Conservative Therapy with Acupuncture for Injury to the Sciatic Nerve Resulting from Intramuscular Drug Injection
Zhou An-ping, Huang Xiao-feng, Li Feng
Observations on Brain Perfusion Before and After Acupuncture Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain — A Case Report
Mei-Yun Liaw, Dong-Ling You
The Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Distress: A Chinese Traditional Medical Approach Utilizing Acupuncture, Massage and Manipulation
Steven KH Aung
The Differential Diagnosis of Pain in Classical Chinese Medicine: Unique Treatment Approaches and Acupoint Energetics
Skya Gardner-Abbate
The Role of the Endogenous Opioid System in the Effects of Acupuncture on Mood and Behavior: Theoretic and Practical Considerations
Leonid Sher
Further Evidence for the Role of Gap Junctions in Acupoint Information Transfer: Intradermal Injection of EDTA Blocks the Acupuncture Effect of Experimentally Induced Arrhythmia
Zheng Jingyi, Fan Jingyu, et al.
An Introduction to the Use of Therapeutic Music and Sound in Health Care: Rhythm, Resonance and Entrainment — The Body's Call for Unity
Joshua Leeds
    Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats & Dogs. Cheryl Schwartz. (Celestial Arts Publishing, Berkeley, CA)
    Ayurvedic Massage: Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind. Harish Johari (Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT)
    Effect of PC-6 Acupressure on Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting after Epidural Morphine for Post-Cesarean Section Pain Relief.
    Suppression of Alcohol Intake After Administration of the Chinese Herbal Medicine, NPI-028, and Its Derivatives.
    Conditioned Healing with Electroacupuncture.
    Acupuncture Treatment of Patients with Radiation-Induced Xerostomia.
    Effects of Repeated Sensory Stimulation (Electroacupuncture) and Physical Exercise (Running) on Open-Field Behavior and Concentrations of Neuropeptides in the Hippocampus in WKY and SHR Rats.
    The Cost of Coverage: Rural Health Insurance in China.
    Reduction of Blood Flow Impedance in the Uterine Arteries of Infertile Women with Electroacupuncture.
    Electrical Stimulation at Traditional Acupuncture Sites in Periphery Produces Brain Opioid-Receptor-Mediated Anti-nociception in Rats.
    Can Acupuncture Have Specific Effects on Health? A Systematic Review of Acupuncture Anti-Emesis Trials.
    Acupuncture for the Relief of Cancer-Related Breathlessness.
    Frequency Dependence of Substance P Release by Electroacupuncture in Rat Spinal Cord.
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Pointing Finger Volume 23, No. 1 (1995)
Brain Damage Due to Neonatal Kernicterus Successfully Reversed with Acupuncture: A Case Report
J-B. Ding, H. Ding, D-F Zhang
Introduction to an Effective Acupuncture Analgesia Therapy Using the Bio-Holographic System of the Philtrum Region
X-D Gu
Laser Acupuncture in the Treatment of Paralysis in Stroke Patients: A CT Scan Lesion Site Study
M.A. Naeser, M.P. Alexander, et al.
A Retrospective Study on the Use of Acupuncture for the Prevention of Relapse in Alcoholism Treatment
H-H Lao
Chinese Medicine & the Betrayal of Intimacy: The Theory & Treatment of Abuse, Incest, Rape & Divorce with Acupuncture & Herbs — Part I
L.S. Jarrett
Bioelectromagnetics: Implications for Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture
M. Milburn
Acupoint Diagnostics and Chinese Herbal Support for Breast Cancer Patients
M.M. Van Benschoten
    Categorizing Pulse Qualities
    Acupuncture and Nitric Oxide
    New Treatment for Hyperacusis
    A Call for Leadership
    Fibromyalgia: Views West & East
    Qigong Database Now Available
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Pointing Finger Volume 23, No. 2 (1995)
Auriculotherapy for Intra-Operative Hiccup in Anesthetized Patients
E. Visetti, P. Costa
Clinical Comparison on the Treatment of Idiopathic Hyperprolactinemia with Acupuncture and Conventional Drug Therapy: Perspectives and Mechanisms East and West
Y-T Liu, F-D Wu, et al.
Chinese Medicine and the Betrayal of Intimacy: The Theory and Treatment of Abuse, Incest, Rape and Divorce with Acupuncture and Herbs — Part II
L.S. Jarrett
Ayurveda and Korean Hand Acupuncture
P. Eckman
Assessing and Treating Pericardium-6 (Neiguan): Gate to Well-Being
S. Gardner-Abbate
Acupoint Diagnostics and Autoimmune Disease
M.M. Van Benschoten
    Insurance Update on Acupuncture Coverage
    Laser Stimulation at Acupoint SP-6 and Kidney Yang Deficiency
    Synergism Between Body and Auricular Points for Hypertension
    Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine
    Allen M. Schoen (ed)
    Learn to Read Chinese: Introduction to the Language & Concepts of Current Zhongyi Literature
    Paul U. Unschuld
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Pointing Finger Volume 23, No. 3 (1995)
A New Classification System and Combined Treatment Method for Idiopathic Facial Nerve Paralysis: Report on 718 Cases
Y-T. Liu
Acupuncture Mechanisms, Indications and Effectiveness According to Recent Western Literature
J. Kleinhenz
One Approach to Acumoxa Therapy for Pain Due to Tendinitis of the Hand, Wrist, and Forearm
H. Wolfe
The Treatment of Periodontal Gum Disease: A Protocol for Prevention, Maintenance and Reversal within the Paradigm of Traditional Chinese Medicine
S. Gardner-Abbate
Chinese Medicine and the Betrayal of Intimacy: The Theory and Treatment of Abuse, Incest, Rape and Divorce with Acupuncture and Herbs — Part III
L.S. Jarrett
Pathological Categories in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
R.A. Dale
Chinese Herbal Medicine Computer Software: The Formulary for Windows [& Macintosh, too]
M. Shima
French to Open Paris Hospital for Treatment, Training and Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Fatal Cardiac Tamponade After Acupuncture Through Congenital Sternal Foramen
    Doctor Wonders If He Has Found a Cure for Asthma: Forty Years of Encouraging Experience with Palpation and Injections
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Pointing Finger Volume 23, No. 4 (1995)
Clinical Comparison Between Scalp Acupuncture Combined With a Single Body Acupoint and Body Acupuncture Alone for the Treatment of Sciatica
Z. Li, J. Shan
Investigation on the Effects of Ear Acupressure on Exercise-Induced Lactic Acid Levels and the Implications for Athletic Training
J-G Lin, H.S. Salahin, J-C Lin
The Differentiation and Treatment of Edema from the Perspectives of Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Literature
S. Clavey
The Effects of Weather Conditions on Epileptic Patients: A Possible Mechanism and Its Implications for Acupuncture Intervention
L. Sher
New Insight on the Etiology and Treatment of Cellulite According to Chinese Medicine: More Than Skin Deep
S. Gardner-Abbate
Dairy Products and Disease: Acupoint Diagnostics and Case Studies
M.M. Van Benschoten
The Five Element-Phase Energetic Command Points of Acupuncture: Theory and Clinical Applications
R.A. Dale
    Nature Doctors: Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine
    F. Kirchfeld, W. Boyle
    Proceedings of the 3rd HIV/AIDS and Chinese Medicine Conference
    Various Contributors
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Pointing Finger Volume 22, No. 1 (1994)
A Modern Approach to Shoulder Pain Using the Combined Methods of Acupuncture and Cyriax-Based "Orthopaedic Medicine"
A. Marcus, R.I. Gracer
The Treatment of Post-Polio Syndrome with Electrostimulation of Auricular Acupuncture Points: An Evaluation of 12 Patients
F.R. H'Doubler, Jr
A Clinical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Insufficient Lactation
L. Tureanu, V. Tureanu
The Loss and Return of Original Nature: The Law of Husband/Wife
L.S. Jarrett
Optimal Conditions for Eliciting Maximal Electroacupuncture Analgesia with Dense-and-Disperse Mode Stimulation
S-H Chen, S-F Guo, C-G Chang, J-S Han
Research Proposals on the Clinical Efficacy of Acupuncture: Guidelines and Suggestions for Grant Writing
R. Hammerschlag, A.G. Parfitt
Biophoton Measurement of Qi Gong Energetics
M.M. Van Benschoten
The Forms of Qi (Vital Energy) in Acupuncture
R.A. Dale
    Pulse Diagnosis, Leon Hammer and Errata
    Updating Criteria for Successful Acupuncture Treatment of Addiction
    Point — Counterpoint: Flaws Response
    Evidence That Alcohol Consumption is Good for Bones
    AIDS and Vitamin Supplements
    Ginkgo Gets Good Reviews
    Garlic Lowers Cholesterol
    Melatonin: Hormone off Darkness
    Safety of Irradiated Foods: Risky Business
    Nutrition Supplements and Cancer in China
    Premenstrual Syndrome and Light Therapy
    Weight Training in Prepubescent Youth?
    Relaxation Therapy and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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Pointing Finger Volume 22, No. 2 (1994)
The Use of Herbal Ointment on Acupoint Shenque for Treatment of Infantile Diarrhea
Z-H Li, Z-X Li, X. Liu, Q. Han
Post-Herpetic Neuralgia of One-Year Duration in an Elderly Patient Successfully Managed with Acupuncture
J.L. Stump, Z-D Zhao
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Acupuncture for the Treatment of Post-Oral Contraceptive Menstrual Irregularities and Amenorrhea
L. Tureanu, V. Tureanu
Clinical Efficacy of Electrical Heat Acupuncture (2nd Report): Warming Characteristics
T. Kitade, K. Ishimaru, S. Shinohara, M. Hyodo
Laser Auriculotherapy As Part of the Nicotine Detoxification Process: Evaluation of 1280 Subjects and Theoretical Considerations of a Developing Model
T. Marovino
Does Acupuncture Therapy Resemble a Process of Physiological Relearning?
A. Bensoussan
Emerging Relationships Between the Paradigm of Oriental Medicine and the Frontiers of Western Biological Sciences
M.P. Milburn
Master Hua's Classic of the Central Viscera: Excerpts from a Translation of Hua Tuo's Zhong Zang Jing
B. Flaws
Acupuncture Needling: Summary of the Principal Traditional Chinese Methods
R.A. Dale
    The Future of Oriental Medicine in the US: A Plea for Higher Standards
    Toward World Medicine
    Point — Counterpoint: Redux
    Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention
    Chinese Bodywork: A Complete Handbook of Chinese Therapeutic Massage
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Pointing Finger Volume 22, No. 3 (1994) CLINICAL RESEARCH
Therapeutic Trial of Acupuncture in Phantom Limb Pain of Amputees
M-Y Liaw, A.M-K Wong, P-T Cheng
Clinical Comparison of the Acupuncture Treatment of Cerebral Palsy with Standard and "Special Points" of the Scalp
X-S Lai, H-R Su
The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Problems with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs: Part I
G. Maciocia
Acupoint Energetics of Mercury Toxicity and Amalgam Removal with Case Studies
M.M. Van Benschoten
A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Electroacupuncture and Aquapuncture Stimulation on Infertility Due to Inactive Ovaries in Dairy Cows
H-S Xie, J-P Chen, et al.
The Nineteen Categories of Pathology in Chinese Medicine According to the Su Wen (Essential Questions)
R.A. Dale
    Response to M.O. Smith's Article on Addiction
    Why an Integrated Approach Is So Important to the Future of Chinese Medicine in the West
    Evidence Mounts for Two Species of Ancient Man in China
    In Defense of Tomatoes — and Acupuncture!
    Los Angeles Earthquake Fungus Clouds?
    Doctors' Incomes to Shrink
    Red Wine Boosts Heart Health
    Massage Therapy and Cocaine-Exposed Newborns
    Fish Oil Lowers Blood Pressure?
    Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer Linked to Soy Products in Diet of Japanese Men
    Reflexology and Premenstrual Syndrome
    Walking is Healthiest Form of Exercise
    Trans-Fats: Fast Food Chains' Health Move Makes More Problems
    New Insight into Learned Tasks
    Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide
    Concepts of Chinese Science and Traditional Healing Arts: A Historical Review
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Pointing Finger Volume 22, No. 4 (1994)
The Treatment of Mental and Emotional Problems with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs: Part II
G. Maciocia
A Brief Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Qigong
S.K.H. Aung
Clinical Study on the Treatment of Postoperative Urinary Retention with Acupuncture at the "Four Liao" and Sanyinjiao Acupoints
Gu X-D
Clinical Study on the Use of SMS Holographic Acupoints for Re-Establishing Gastrointestinal Motility in Patients Following Abdominal Surgery
X-S Wang, Z-L Zhang, et al.
Survey of Recent Clinical Studies on the Treatment of Skin Diseases with Acupuncture
P. Rosted
Photoplethysmographic Changes Induced by Skin Stimulation
C. Ionescu-Tirgoviste, S. Pruna, C. Iosif
East-West Medicine: Irreconcilably Complementary
A. Moroz
The Chinese Exercises for Preventing and Treating Eye Disorders
R.A. Dale
    Post-Herpetic Neuralgia: Good Results Reported for Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Cases
    Waves, Particles and Leaves
    Alternative Medicine Grants Awarded by NIH
    Experimental Evidence of a Plant Meridian System: Bioelectricity and Acupuncture Effects on Electrical Resistance of the Soybean (Glycine max).
    Brainstem Auditory-Evoked Response Changes Following Electroacupuncture Therapy in Chronic Pain Patients.
    Published Trials of Non-medicinal and Non-invasive Therapies for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis.
    Complementary Medicine in Europe.
    Comparison Between the Use of Moxibustion and Electric Acupuncture for the Treatment of Irregular Menstruation.
    A Study on Combined Acupuncture and Enflurane Anesthesia for Craniotomy.
    Depth of Obtaining Qi in Clinical Practice.
    Subcutaneous Radionuclide Venography: An Effective Method for Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis.
    Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Case-Control Study of Blood Donors in the Trent Region (UK).
    Modeling the Thalamocortical Loop.
    Puncturing the Empirical Point Shengen in Treatment of 101 Cases of Apoplectic Hemiplegia.
    Acupuncture Against Climacteric Disorders: Lower Number of Symptoms After Menopause.
    Acupressure: An Alternative Approach to Mental Health Counseling Through Body Mind Awareness.
    Acupressure for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy: A Randomized, Blinded Study.
    Veterinary Folk Remedies in Japan.
    Complications of Acupuncture Therapy: A Study of the Literature from 1981-1992.
    Electroacupuncture in Treatment of Spinal Spasticity: Effects and Mechanism.
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Pointing Finger Volume 21, No. 1 (1993)
The Effect of Acupuncture on Functional and Anatomic Uterine Disturbances: Case Report — Secondary Infertility and Myomas
M. Sternfeld, Y. Finkelstein, et al.
Clinical Study on the Treatment of Anal Fissures with a Second Metacarpal Holographic Point
X-S Wang, Z-L Zhang
Clinical Efficacy of Electrical Heat Acupuncture (First Report): Effect on Low Back Pain
K. Ishimaru, S. Shinohara, et al.
Constitutional Type and the Internal Tradition of Chinese Medicine: Part I — The Ontogeny of Life
L.S. Jarrett
Using the Power of Belief in Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine: Case Studies
D. Vachon
Acupuncturist Meets Curandera: Responding to Similarities in Traditional Medicines as a Means for Developing Cultural and Clinical Sensitivity
M.D. Diaz
Intermittent-Alternating Mode of Electroacupuncture Stimulation Postpones the Development of Electroacupuncture Tolerance
J-G Lin, T. Hao, X-H Chen, J-S Han
The Influence of Acupuncture on the Structure of Immune Organs
P.V. Pugach
The Demystification of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: An Overview of the Validations, Holograms and Systematics for Learning the Principles and Techniques
R.A. Dale
    Integrationist Acupuncture
    Comments and Additions to Cuban Health Care Article
    Forty-three Years of Practice...and Always Learning
    Five-year Experience Using Six Points and Electroacupuncture in a Stop-Smoking Program
    The Effect of Acupuncture on Gastrointestinal Function and Disorders.
    Practical Application of Meridian Acupuncture Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia.
    The Characteristics and Significance of Intrathoracic and Abdominal Pressures During Qigong Maneuvers.
    Febrifugal Activity of Acupuncture and Its Strengthening by the Effects of Anaprilin.
    Preliminary Observation on the Relationship Between Needling Sensation, Propagated Sensation Along Meridian (PSM) and Acupuncture Effect When [Applying] Acupuncture at Neiguan [Acupoint].
    Clinical Observation on [the Use of] Acupuncture in Treating Kidney and Ureter Stones.
    Observation on Clinical Effect of Vitiligo Treated with Medicinal Cupping.
    Deep Acupuncture with Rapid Effect of Anaesthesia at Taiyang for 200 Cases of Tooth Extraction.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Embedding of Catgut in Acupoints in 500 Cases of Gastric or Duodenal Ulcer.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture in 104 Cases of Chronic Primary Thrombocytopenic Purpura.
    Analysis of the Therapeutic Effect of Treatment by Herbal Plaster on the Umbilicus in 182 Cases of Chronic Prostatitis.
    Treatment of 186 Cases of Aphasia from Apoplexy with Tongue Acupuncture.
    Treatment of 102 Cases of Infantile Nervous Frequency Urination with Acupuncture at the Nocturnal-Urination Point.
    Clinical Application Techniques of Plum-Blossom Needling.
    Effect of Qigong on Electrocardiographic Autopower Spectrum Function.
    Effect of Acupuncture on Gastric Acid Secretion in Healthy Male Volunteers.
    Auricular Acupuncture in the Treatment of Female Infertility.
    Influence of Acupuncture on Physical Performance Capacity and Haemodynamic Parameters.
    The Effects of Psychosocial Factors on Immunological parameters in Patients with Alopecia Areata and the Possibility of Influencing Them with Electroacupuncture.
    Acupuncture Treatment for Women with Detrusor Instability.
    Physical Therapy and Oriental Medicine Applied to Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Influence of Electroacupuncture on the Release of Substance-P and the Potential Evoked by Tooth Pulp Stimulation in the Trigeminal Nucleus Caudalis of the Rabbit.
    Morning Sickness Control in Early Pregnancy by Neiguan Point Acupressure.
    Acupuncture and Occlusal Splint Therapy in the Treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders, Part I. A Comparative Study.
    Use of Traditional Health Practices by Southeast Asian Refugees in a Primary Care Clinic.
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Pointing Finger Volume 21, No. 2 (1993)
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease: Part I
A. Chen
Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis: New Perspectives on Reviving An Ancient Art — Part I
L. Hammer
Constitutional Type and the Internal Tradition of Chinese Medicine Part II: The Ever-Present Cause
L.S. Jarrett
Dong-Yuan Needling: The Acupuncture Techniques of Li Dong-Yuan from Pi Wei Lun (Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach), Book 2, Chapter 10
B. Flaws, Yang S-Z (trans.)
Toxic Residues in Common Foods: Acupoint Diagnostics and Chinese Materia Medica
M.M. Van Benschoten
Acupuncture Electro-Diagnosis: Which Acupoints Can Most Easily Provide the Best Diagnostic Information?
R.A. Dale
    Medicinal Plants in China
    Medicinal Plants in Vietnam
    Paradox & Healing: Medicine, Mythology and Transformation
    Survey Finds That the Use of Unconventional Medicine in the U.S. is Far Higher Than Expected
    Report on the Visit by Australian Members of the Collaborative Committee on Higher Education in Traditional Chinese Medicine to China, Hong Kong and Singapore
    Health-Care Solutions for Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Alternative Medicine Appointee to State Board
    Soy Foods and Infrequent Hot Flashes
    Losing the War on Breast Cancer: Lancet Throws Down the Gauntlet
    Kidney Damage and Chinese Herbs?
    Acupuncture and Occlusal Splint Therapy in the Treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders: Part II. A One-Year Follow-Up Study.
    Effects of Stimulation and Cauterization of Hypothalamic Paraventricular Nucleus on Acupuncture Analgesia.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Post-Stroke Paralysis: Part IÄParesis of the Arm and Leg.
    The Acupuncture Prevention of Anomalies in Labor Strength in an At-Risk Group of Pregnant Women.
    Acupuncture for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.
    Conventional and Acupuncture-Like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Excite Similar Afferent Fibers.
    In Search of Nursing Practices.
    Effect of Circadian Rhythm on the Action of Acupuncture to Prevent the Formation of Experimental Gastric Ulcer.
    Experimental Study on the Influence of Acupuncture and Moxibustion on Interleukin-2 in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    The Influence of Acupuncture on Interleukin-2 Interferon-Natural Killer Cell Regulatory Network of Kidney-Deficiency Mice.
    Detection of the Safety Depth on Human Chest by Computer Tomographic Scanning.
    Suppression of Morphine Abstinence Syndrome by Body Electroacupuncture of Different Frequencies in Rats.     Acupuncture: New Perspectives in Chemical Dependency Treatment.
    Effects of Electroacupuncture Acupoint "Zusanli" on High Blood Pressure and Blood Hyperviscosity in Stressed Rats.
    Unconventional Medicine in the United States. Prevalence, Costs and Patterns of Use.
    Physical Therapy and Oriental Medicine Applied to Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Treatment of Resistant Phantom Limb Pain by Acupuncture: A Case Report.
    Acupuncture for Tinnitus Management.
    A Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Quantum Methods for Treating Hypertension Patients.
    Survey of Services to Patients in General Practice.
    What Future for Traditional Chinese Medicine Outside China?
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Pointing Finger Volume 21, No. 3 (1993)
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease: Part II
A. Chen
Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis: Pulse Taking Method — Part II
L. Hammer
Clinical Study on Analgesia for Biliary Colic with Ear Acupuncture at Point Erzhong
Gu Xudong
Acupuncture at Points Yangchi and Waiguan Compared With the Established Points Feishu and Dazhui in the Therapy of Asthma
G.B.H. Lewis, Zhuang Ding, M.E.D. Webster
Addictions and Acupuncture: The Treatment Methods, Formulae, Effectiveness and Limitations
R.A. Dale
On the Historical Relationship of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in China and What This Means Politically in the United States
B. Flaws
    Does Anyone Have This Book?
    It's In the Context: Clarification of Comments Regarding Pulse Taking and Worsley Students
    Childbirth in America: Profits and Politics
    Opening Doors — Major Insurance Changes
    Health Insurance Goes Alternative
    Soybean Paste Miso and Free Radicals
    Dictionary of Acupuncture Terms, Concepts and Points
    Comparison of PC-6 Acupoint Injection With 50% Glucose in Water and Intravenous Droperidol for Prevention of Vomiting After Gynecological Laparoscopy.
    Acupressure in the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting.
    Radionuclide Venography of Lower Limbs by Subcutaneous Injection: A Clinical Evaluation.
    Observation of the Effect of Moxibustion at Neiguan for Enhancing Cerebral Blood Flow.
    Thirty-Six Cases of Infantile Encephalitis B Treated by Acupuncture.
    Observation of 58 Cases of Frostbite Treated by Indirect Moxibustion with Ginger.
    Observation of the Effect of Acupuncture and Oxytocin Intravenous Perfusion for Expediting Labor.
    Excellent Therapeutic Effect of Qigong Exercise on Gastroptosis.
    Characteristics of Reactive Electropermeable Points on the Auricles [of the Ear] of Coronary Heart Disease Patients.
    Effects of Acupuncture and Transcutaneous Stimulation Analgesia on Plasma Hormone Levels During and After Major Abdominal Surgery.
    Analysis of the Effect of Needling Holographic Points of the Second Phalangeal Bone for Pain in Terminal Cancer Patients.
    Observation of Bone Density in the Elderly Practicing Qigong.
    Effects of Kampo (Japanese Herbal) Medicine "Sho-Saiko-To" on DNA-Synthesizing Enzyme Activity in 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine-Induced Colonic Carcinomas in Rats.
    Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture-Moxibustion in 60 Cases of Diabetes Mellitus.
    Attitudes to Acupuncture: A Questionnaire Study Among Medical Students in Tromso [Norway].
    Psychological Aspects as Predicting Factors for the Indication of Acupuncture in Migraine Patients.
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Pointing Finger Volume 21, No. 4 (1993)
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease: Part III — Prescription for Prevention
A. Chen
Acupuncture Treatment of Tremor in Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
I. Milanov, S. Toteva
An Improved Acupuncture Method for the Successful Treatment of Renal Colic Due to Urolithiasis
Liu Y-T, Xiao F, Liang X-B
Research on the Reduction of Anxiety and Depression with Acupuncture
Dong J-T
Polymodal Receptor Hypothesis on the Peripheral Mechanisms of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
K. Kawakita
Acupoint Diagnostics: Yin-Yang Biophoton Test of Pathogenic Energies and Functional Disturbance
M.M. Van Benschoten
Acupuncture and Quantum Theory: The Invisible Wind Stirs the Leaves
B. Brom
An Outline History of Chinese Acupuncture: The Main Developments, Contributors and Publications
R.A. Dale, Yan Cheng
    Front Line Report: Acupuncture in Prison
    Flawed Politics?
    Breakthrough Technology Allows Permanent "Neutralization" of Radioactive Waste
    Multiple Sclerosis and Cow's Milk
    Heart Attack, Season and Temperature
    Periodontal Disease and Zinc
    Menstrual Irregularity and Light Therapy
    New Salads: Quick, Healthy Recipes from Japan
    Acupuncture Patterns and Practice
    Ling Shu, or the Spiritual Pivot
    Healing and the Mind/Body Arts: Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga T'ai Chi and Feldenkrais.
    Descending Cord Dorsum Potential Evoked by Stimulation at Yong Quan [Kidney-1] Acupoint.
    Electroacupuncture Treatment of Lumbosacral Disc Root Disease.
    Treatment of Atopic Eczema with Acupuncture.
    Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis with Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Paralysis after Stroke. Part II: Paralysis of the Hand without Affection of Arm and Leg.
    The Possibility of Acupuncture in Stimulation of the Immune System.
    Acupuncture in Dermatology.
    An Investigation on the Treatment of Severe Viral Myocarditis with Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine.
    Effect of Auriculo-acupuncture Plus Needle Embedding in the Ear Heart Acupoint on Left Cardiac, Humoral and Endocrine Function.
    Inhibition of Dexamethasone-Induced Cytochrome P450-Mediated Mutagenicity and Metabolism of Aflatoxin B1 by Chinese Medicinal Herbs.
    Involvement of Central Opioidergic and Nonopioidergic Neuroendocrine Systems in the Suppressive Effect of Acupuncture on Delayed Type Hypersensitivity in Mice.
    Nickel Dermatitis from Acupuncture Needles.
    Suppression of Spontaneous Development of Uterine Adenomyosis by a Chinese Herbal Medicine, Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, in Mice.
    Are Classical Medicine and Alternative Medicine Compatible?
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Pointing Finger Volume 20, No. 1 (1992)
Acupuncture Treatment of a Twisted Ovarian Cyst
Jiang Nansheng
Symptomatic Improvement and Anatomical Regression of Arthritic Hallux Valgus Deformity (Bunion) Treated by Acupuncture
M. Sternfeld, Y. Finkelstein, A. Eliraz, et al.
The Energetics of Chinese Herbs: A Case Study in the Treatment of Severe Migraine
A. Jones, D. Godel, S. Clavey
Acupuncture Exercises for the Sixth Sense
R.A. Dale
Getting Acupuncture Education Back on Track: What Our Training Has Been Missing and How We Can Benefit from the Japanese Empirical Schools
M. Shima
EEG Study on Acupuncture Treatment Preceding Induced Epileptic Seizures
B. Cantera, C. Mendoza, I. Hernandez, et al.
The Effect of Scalp Acupuncture on the Weight-Lifting Capacity of the Healthy and Paralyzed Lower Limb
T. Yamamoto, N. Ishiko
Homeopathy and EDT: Upheld by Modern Science — With Case Histories
F.F. Royal, D.F. Royal
Comparative Methods of Evaluating the Body's Functional Response to a Standard Electrical Stimulus: The SEG and DFM
G. Lewith
Lessons to Heed: Important Progress in the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the Conventional Healthcare System of Australia
Good News At Last!
    Acupuncture Imaging: Perceiving the Energy Pathways of the Body
    Acupuncture Energetics: A Workshop for Diagnostics and Treatment
    Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine
    Experimental Acupuncturology and its Role in Acupuncture Education
    The Thermographic Observation of the Relationship Between the Retention of Acupuncture Needles and the Effect of Nose Temperatures.
    Acupuncture Therapy in the Comprehensive Treatment of Salpingo-oophoritis.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Cupping Combined with Electric Acupuncture in Treating 600 Cases of Psoriasis.
    Clinical Observation on 110 Cases of Hyperlipidemia Treated with Acupuncture.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of 100 Cases of Coronary Heart Disease Treated with Head Acupuncture.
    Analysis of the Therapeutic Effect of Electric Acupuncture for Treating 153 Cases of Rhinitis.
    Clinical Observation of 91 Cases with Impotence Treated by Acupuncture.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of the Treatment of Acute Prolapse of Intervertebral Discs in the Lumbar Region with Acupuncture and Massage.
    Comparison of the Therapeutic Effect of 80 Cases of Scapulohumeral Periarthritis Treated with Electric Versus Simple Opposing Needle (Juci).
    Clinical Effects and Immune Regulation of Musk-Moxa-String Therapy in 39 Patients with Scrofula.
    Effect of Moxibustion on the Antibody-Dependant Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Activity in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
    Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Leukocytopenia with Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
    Clinical Research and Mechanical Inquiry in the Treatment of Chronic Superficial Gastritis Using Ziwuliuzhu Day-Prescription for Acupoints.
    Burns Due to Moxibustion.
    Idiopathic Subjective Tinnitus Treated by Biofeedback, Acupuncture and Drug Therapy.
    Effects of Acupuncture on Immune Response in Mice.
    An American Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine: Comparisons to Family Medicine and Chiropractic.
    Clinical Aspects of Using Extremely High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation [at Acupuncture Points] in the Complex Treatment of Occlusive Vascular Diseases of the Lower Extremities.
    Neuroimmunomodulatory Effects of Acupuncture in Mice.
    Acupuncture-Like Stimulation Induces a Heterosegmental Release of Met-Enkephalin-Like Material in the Rat Spinal Cord.
    Smoking Cessation By Auricular Acupuncture and Behavioral Therapy.
    A Study of Psychopathology in Phobia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Through the Treatment of Exposure and Response Prevention by Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation.
    Acupuncture and Asthma: A Review of Controlled Trials.
    Bacterial Endocarditis After Treatment By a Natural Healer.
    Organization of Therapy and Rehabilitation of Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Disorders in the Psychotherapeutic Neurological Center.
    Trigger Points in 48 Dogs with Myofascial Pain Syndromes.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Gastroenteric Diseases in Children.
    The Differentiated Use of Mud Therapy and Acupuncture in the Early Convalescent Period of Viral Hepatitis.
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Pointing Finger Volume 20, No. 2 (1992)
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis and Chinese Medicine
G. Guillaume
Case Study in the Pathogenesis and Treatment Principles of Spastic Cerebral Palsy in Infancy According to TCM
H-H Lao
Postoperative Pain: Clinical Study on Use of the Second Metacarpal Holographic Points for Wound Pain Following Surgery
X-S Wang
Toward Your Own Style of Acupuncture
A. Romano
The Intersecting (Jiao Hui) Points and Channels of Acupuncture
R.A. Dale
Eastern and Western Medicine: Complementary in Practice, Equal in Status
M. Cohen
Tonification and Sedation Methods of Needling: Translation and Commentary from the Zhen Jiu Da Cheng
A.A. Kudriavtsev, T.N. Vlasik
Moxibustion Therapy for Allergic Rhinitis
M. Sternfeld, A. Eliraz, A. Fink et al.
Hand Movements Above the Unshielded Tail of a Shielded Rat Induces Differences in Voltage Inside the Animal
B. Nordenström
New Developments in Acupoint Formulation for Maximum Synergy: Applications and Case Study
S. Morrissey
    The Acupuncturist's Business Management Guide, Vol. IV: Patient Communication, Public Relations and Marketing
    Advertisements for Acupuncturists
    From Tao to Earth Patient Pamphlet Series
    Matrix and Matrixregulation: Basis for a Holistic Theory of Medicine
    Himalayan Bowls I and II
    Birth of Padma
    Chinese Herbs for Treatment of AIDS: Quan Yin Healing Center and San Francisco General Hospital to Collaborate in Study
    National Sports Acupuncture Association Formed
    German MDs Required to Pass Herb Exam
    W.H.O. Assembly Calls for Strengthened Support of Traditional Medicine Program
    New Grant and Scholarship Available in Veterinary Acupuncture
    Acupuncture Treatment of Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction in Enuretic Children.
    Functional Morphology of the Acupuncture Points of the Du Mai and Ren Mai Vessels.
    The Function of Endocrine Glands: A Bridge Between Eastern and Western Medicine and Philosophy.
    Temperature Changes at the Fingertips During Acupuncture.
    New Scalp Acupuncture According to Yamamoto (YNSA): A Routine Method for Clinic and Practice.
    The Historical Development of Chinese Traditional Medicine in the Federal Republic of Germany.
    Corrective Effect of Reflexotherapy (Acupuncture) on the Hypophyseal-Ovarian and Sympathetic-Adrenal Systems After Ovariectomy.
    Ineffectiveness of Acupuncture and Droperidol in Preventing Vomiting Following Strabismus Repair in Children.
    Clinical Observation of 1006 Cases of Hysteromyoma [Uterine Fibroid] Treated with Acupuncture.
    Meridial Changes After Unilateral Nephrectomy Detected by Radionuclide Scintigraphy.
    Foreign Body Stone of the Ureter as a Complication of Acupuncture: Report of a Case History.
    Acupuncture in a Case of Congenital Nystagmus: Effects on Waveform and Oscillopsia.
    Experimental Study on Radioactive Pathways of Hypodermically Injected Technetium-99m.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Renal Colic.
    Acupuncture Treatment for Industry.
    The Effect of Acupuncture on Salivary Flow Rates in Patients with Xerostomia.
    Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Tension-Type Headache: A Controlled Study.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Diabetic Angiopathy of the Lower Extremities.
    A Case of Transverse Myelopathy Caused by Acupuncture.
    The Combined Use of Acupuncture and UV Irradiation in Treating the Neurological Manifestations of Lumbar Osteochondrosis.
    Comparative Analysis of Acupuncture and Pharmacological Preparations in Complex Treatment of Ulcer Disease.
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Pointing Finger Volume 20, No. 3 (1992)
Liver & Gallbladder Damp Heat Syndrome: A Case Study on Benign Nonspecific Liver Dysfunction with Abnormal Enzyme Profile
J.E. Williams
Runner's Stitch Syndrome Successfully Treated by Acupuncture
M. Sternfeld, et al.
A Study on the Effectiveness of Acupuncture Analgesia for Colonoscopic Examination Compared with Conventional Premedication
H-H Wang, et al.
The Effect of Acupuncture Needle Stimulation of the Phrenic Nerve in Resuscitation During Respiratory Arrest
M-Z Huang, L-Q Huo
Integrationist Acupuncture: Plurality in the Practice of American Acupuncture
M. Seem
Of Molecules, Meridians, and Medicine: The Feminist InfluenceÄPutting the Yin Back into Health Care
J. Lyttleton
Nuclear Medicine and Acupuncture: A Study on the Migration of Radioactive Tracers After Injection at Acupoints
J.C. Darras, P. de Vernejoul, P. Albar`ede
Measurement of Acupoint Biophoton Emissions via Omura's Bidigital O-Ring Test with Case Studies
M.M. Van Benschoten
Sun Si-Miao's Ode to 13 Ghost Points for Treatment of Mental Disorders
R.A. Dale, Y. Cheng
The Medical Ethics of Hai Thuong Lan Ong
H.D. Nguyen
    Teaching English with AJA
    In Response to Position Paper by National Council Against Health Fraud
    Success with Insurance (The Acupuncturist's Business Management Guide: Volume III)
    Glossary of Chinese Medical Terms and Acupuncture Points
    Pediatric Bronchitis: Its TCM Cause, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
    The Origin of the Five Elements in the Traditional Theorem of Acupuncture: A Preliminary Brief Historic Enquiry.
    One-Point Acupuncture in Acute Headache.
    Analgesia Induced by Electroacupuncture of Different Frequencies is Mediated by Different Types of Opioid Receptors: Another Cross-Tolerance Study.
    Action of an Enkephalinase Blocker on Effects of Acupuncture in Rabbits Sensitive and Resistant to It.
    Analgesia Inhibitory System Involvement in Non-acupuncture Point Stimulation-Produced Analgesia.
    Summary of 1153 Cases of Tooth Extraction Under Acupuncture Anesthesia.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Epidemic Parotitis Treated by Bleeding Method at Point Saixian.
    Observation of the Clinical Effects in 53 Cases of Paralytic Strabismus Treated with Acupuncture.
    Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture in the Treatment of 64 Cases of Pseudo-Bulbar Paralysis.
    Tracing Down the Academic Thought of Biao Yu Fu (Ode of Mystery).
    Somatic Sympathetic Vasomotor Changes Documented by Medical Thermographic Imaging During Acupuncture Analgesia.
    The Inhibition by Electrical Acupuncture on Gastric Acid Secretion is Mediated via Endorphin and Somatostatin in Dogs.
    Electrical Acu-Stimulation Relieves Vection-Induced Motion Sickness.
    Suppressive Effect of Acupuncture on Delayed Type Hypersensitivity to Trinitrochlorobenzene and Involvement of Opiate Receptors.
    Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Tension-Type Headache: A Controlled Study.
    Avian Acupuncture.
    Trigger Point Therapy.
    Neurologic Evaluation and its Relation to Acupuncture: Acupuncture for Neurologic Disorders.
    Legal Evaluation of Paramedical Treatment, Comment from the Medical Viewpoint, Special Therapy Approaches: Reservations About Drug Safety.
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Pointing Finger Volume 20, No. 4 (1992) CLINICAL REPORTS
The Use of Ear Acupuncture to Promote Vaginal Delivery After Previous Cesarean Section
M. Greenwood
The Treatment of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast by Acupuncture: A Report on 57 Cases
X. Liang, F. Xia, Y. Liu
A Protocol for Successful Treatment of Chronic Skin Diseases with Acupuncture
P. Rosted
Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture
M. Shima
Overview of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome According to Traditional Chinese Medicine
M.H. Lee
The Role of Human Will (Zhi) and the Spirit of BL-52 (Zhi Shi)
L.S. Jarrett
The Development of Acupuncture Treatment for AIDS in the U.S.A.
M. Goh, M. Smith
Treatment of Lyme Disease via Omura's Test of Acupoints and Chinese Herbal Formulas
M.M. Van Benschoten
Balance and Health of Body, Mind and Spirit
J.R. Worsley
East and West Meet in the Caribbean: Is Cuba Developing the World's Best Health Care Model?
R.A. Dale, B. Cantera
    Acupuncture Treatment of Severe Knee Osteoarthrosis: A Long-term Study.
    Clinical Research on Treating Senile Dementia by Combining Acupuncture with Acupoint-Injection.
    Common Factors Contributing to Intractable Pain and Medical Problems with Insufficient Drug Uptake in Areas to Be Treated, and Their Pathogenesis and Treatment: Part I. Combined Use of Medication with Acupuncture, (+) Qi Gong Energy-Stored Material, Soft Laser or Electrical Stimulation.
    A Combined Reflexotherapy [Acupuncture] Method in the Treatment of Suppurative-Infectious Diseases in the Postpartum Period.
    Acupuncture at the Otoacupoint [Auricular Point of] the Heart for Activation of the Satiety Center by Auricular Acupuncture Point Stimulation.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of Hysteromyoma Treated with Acupuncture.
    Treatment of 305 Cases of Chronic Prostatitis with Acupuncture.
    Observation on the Therapeutic Effect of 558 Cases of Hypophrenic [Retarded] Children Treated with Acupuncture in Sishen-Points (4-Mental Points) and Zhisan-Points (3-Intelligence Points).
    Analysis of the Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture Treatment in 1035 Cases of Peripheral Facial Paralysis.
    Influence of Application-Impulse Stimulation Treatment on the Airway's Reactivity in Asthmatics.
    Ischemic Apoplexy Treated with Acupuncture Using the Principle of Replenishing Qi and Promoting Blood Circulation.
    Stimulative Effect of Electro-Blunt-Tip Needle on the Points of Human Skin and Its Analgesia in Rats.
    All Three Types of Opioid Receptors in the Spinal Cord are Important for 2/15 Hz Electroacupuncture Analgesia.
    Feto-maternal Macrotransfusion After Successful Internal Version from Breech Presentation by Moxibustion.
    Suppressive Effect of Acupuncture on Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity to Trinitrochlorobenzene and Involvement of Opiate Receptors.
    Protocol of Cervical Maturation by Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture and Related Treatment Modalities. Part I: Theoretical Background.
    Acupuncture and Related Treatment Modalities. Part II: Applications to Antepartal and Intrapartal Care.
    Acupuncture at the Oto-acupoint [Auricular Point of the] Heart for Treatment of Vascular Hypertension.
    Alterations in Electrical Pain Thresholds by Use of Acupuncture-Like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Pain-Free Subjects.
    Reflexotherapy [Acupuncture] and CO2 Baths in the Complex Treatment of Patients with Circulatory Encephalopathy of Arteriosclerotic Etiology.
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Pointing Finger Volume 19, No. 1, 1991
The Application of Modern Acupuncture Techniques and Methods on Children with Cerebral Palsy
W.A. Filipowicz
Therapeutic Effect of EHF-Puncture on Gastric Polyps: Clinical Analysis of Eleven Cases
M. Teppone
The Treatment of Hemorrhoids by Acupuncture
C. Raut
The Participation of the Autonomic Nervous System in the Mechanism of Action of Acupuncture
C. Ionescu-Tirgoviste, S. Pruna, O. Bajenaru
Disappearance of Pathological Indications From Nogier Auriculopoints and Marked Improvement After Single Intravenous Block in Primary Fibromyalgia of the Upper Limb: A Case Report
A. Stav, et al.
Techniques and Clinical Application of Spin Resonance and Quantization of Acupuncture Point Energetics
M.M. VanBenschoten
West Meets East: The Art of Subconscious Healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
D. Vachon
Application of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Racehorses
Xie H-S, Wang Q-L
Viewpoint: American Acupuncture Education: Has a Wrong Turn Been Taken
B. Flaws
Acupuncture Meridians and the Homunculus Principle
R.A. Dale
Video Review: Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao
R. Ortiz, C. Hall
    Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies
    Leon Hammer
    Grasping the Wind
    Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman, Ken Boss
    Amma: The Ancient Art of Oriental Healing
    Tina Sohn
    The Shamanic Healer: Healing World of Ikuko Osumi & the Traditional Art of Seiki-Jutsu
    Ikuko Osumi, Malcolm Ritchie
    The MORA Concept: Theory and Practice
Franz Morell
Hypalgesic Efficacy of Acupuncture on Experimental Pain in Man: Comparison of Laser Acupuncture and Needle Acupuncture.
Laser Treatment Applied to Acupuncture Points in Lateral Humeral Epicondylalgia: A Double Blind Study.
A Meta-analysis of Studies into the Effect of Acupuncture on Addiction.
Effects of Auricular Acupuncture-like Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation on Pain Levels Following Wound Care in Patients with Burns: A Pilot Study.
The Time-course of Changes in Function of the Kinesthetic and Acoustic Analyzers in Children with Enuresis as Influenced by Acupuncture.
The Treatment of Tension Headache by Acupuncture: A Controlled Single Case Design with Time Series Analysis.
The Patterns of Stress Response in Patients Undergoing Thyroid Surgery Under Acupuncture Anaesthesia in China.
Endorphins and Exercise: Physiological Mechanisms and Clinical Implications.
The Effectiveness of Laser Puncture in Hypertension Patients.
Accelerated Synthesis and Release of Angiotensin II in the Rat Brain During Electroacupuncture Tolerance.
A Study of Various Smoking Cessation Programs Based on 996 Volunteers Recruited from the General Population: One-month Results.
Low-energy Lasers in the Combined Therapy of Patients with Stable Stenocardia at a Sanatorium.
Rheumatic Diseases and Alternative Medicine.
A Clinical Study of Auriculotherapy in Canine Thoracolumbar Disc Disease.
Evaluation of Therapeutic Effects of Acupuncture in Treating Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease.
Observation of Tongue-tip Microcirculation on Patients by Syndrome-differentiation.
Hypothesis on Acupuncture Points as Polymodal Receptors of the Ecoceptive Sensory System.
Experimental Studies on the Effect of Acupuncture on Prolactin Secretion.
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Pointing Finger Volume 19, No. 2 (1991)
Combined Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy in the Extubation of Acute Respiratory Failure in Bronchial Asthma: A Case Report
M. Sternfeld, et al.
Mechanisms of Electroacupuncture Action on Spasticity
I. Milanov
Acupoint Injection Method Using Highly Diluted Sodium Hydroxide Solution in Musculoskeletal Complaints and Post-Operative Prolonged Weakness
M. Sternfeld, et al.
Clinical Application of the Siguan (Four-Gate) Points With Case Studies
W.B. Fu
Translated Selections from Zhenjiu Dacheng: Treatment of Women's Diseases, Treatment of Children's Diseases, and Pediatric Method of Examination of the Facies and the Complexion
N. Auger
Applying Mathematical Models to Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain
K.C. Yau, et al.
A Review of the History and Scientific Bases of Electrodiagnosis and Its Relationship to Homeopathy and Acupuncture
F.F. Royal, D.F. Royal
Why Western Protocols are Unsuitable for Assessing the Effects of Acupuncture: The Need for an Evaluation Methodology Specific to the Investigation of Acupuncture
G. Guillaume
Acupoint Exercises for the Sense of Touch
R.A. Dale
    Completion of Research into the Feasibility and Implementation of Acupuncture for Trauma Care and Medical First-Aid
    Clothing Without Chemicals — Health Care to Wear
    More Than a Q-Tip
    Psychic Healing...Opening New Wounds
    F.D.A. Reconsiders Chelation Therapy
    Ancient Himalayan Herbs for Modern Medicine
    Are We Letting Them Kill Us?
    Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy
    Shudo Denmei
    Acupuncture in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
    Royston Low
    Cervical Dysplasia and Prostrate Cancer: HPV, A Hidden Link?
    Bob Flaws
    Second Spring: A Guide to Healthy Menopause Through Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Honora Wolfe
    Effect of Acupuncture in Patients with Angina Pectoris.
    Delayed Cardiac Tamponade and Hemothorax Induced by an Acupuncture Needle.
    Dopaminergic Transmission in the Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus to Produce Acupuncture Analgesia in Correlation with the Pituitary Gland.
    Acupuncture and Transcutaneous Stimulation Analgesia in Comparison with Moderate-dose Fentanyl Anaesthesia in Major Surgery: Clinical Efficacy and Influence on Recovery and Morbidity.
    Acupuncture in the Treatment of Graves' Ophthalmopathy: A Blinded Randomized Study.
    Lack of Influence of Acupuncture and Transcutaneous Stimulation on the Immunoglobulin Levels and Leucocyte Counts Following Upper-Abdominal Surgery.
    Bilateral Tension Pneumothoraces After Acupuncture.
    Panic Disorder: Acupuncture and Cognitive Psychotherapy.
    Clinical Observation on Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Treating Leukocytopenia Due to Chemotherapy.
    Clinical Observation on 147 Cases of Vitiligo Treated Mainly by Indirect Moxibustion with Medicinal Material.
    Analysis of the Clinical Effect of 553 Cases of Mastitis Treated with Acupuncture, Cupping and Evacuation of Pus.
    Clinical Analysis of 72 Cases of Volvulus of the Stomach Treated by Acupuncture.
    Observation of the Therapeutic Effect of 128 Cases of Hay Fever Treated with Acupuncture.
    The Influence and Clinical Significance of Acupuncture on Serum TSH Receptor Antibody Activity in Patients of Hyperthyroidism.
    Clinical Observation of Cutaneous Needling in Treating Disorders of Pain.
    Experimental Research on the Analgesic Effect of Deep Needling at GV-3 (Yaoyangguan) as a Major Point.
    Clinical Application of Ear Acupuncture in the Dermatology Department: The Last 10 Years.
    Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Role of the Kinder and Gentler Therapies.
    Radionuclide Study of Acupuncture Points.
    A Model of Cooperation Between Complementary and Allopathic Medicine in a Primary Care Setting.
    Acupuncture and Diffuse Noxious Inhibitory Controls: Naloxone-reversible Depression of Activities of Trigeminal Convergent Neurons.
    Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation as Palliative Treatment of Pain.
    PC-6 Acupoint Injection Reduced Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting.
    Acupuncture Treatment of Syncope Based on Differentiation of Signs and Symptoms.
    Research on the Acupuncture Principles and Meridian Phenomena by Means of Infrared Thermography.
    Objective Observation on the Phenomena of Sensation Along Channels (PSC) and Qi Reaching to the Affected Area (QiRA): The Influence of Acupuncture Points on Infrared Thermal Image of the Face.
    Objective Display on Phenomena of Propagated Sensation Along Channels (PSC): Changes on the Infrared Thermal Image Channels Pathway of Upper Extremity.
    Studies on Low Skin Impedance Points and the Feature of Its Distribution Along the Channels by Microcomputer: I. Observation on the Reliability of Measurements.
    Effects of Acupuncture and Moxibustion on the High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Simple Obesity.
    Relation of Capsaicin-Sensitive Neurons to the Effect of Electroacupuncture Analgesia.
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Pointing Finger Volume 19, No. 3 (1991)
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Cervical Spondylopathy: Review of Recent Studies and Prescriptions with Recommendations for Improved Results
A. Chen
Clinical Practice of Eye Acupuncture
Fu Wenbin
A Critical Investigation of Electrodiagnostic Instrumentation Using Omura's Bidigital O-Ring Test
M.M. Van Benschoten
Depression of Gastric Contraction by Stimulation of BL-19 (Weiyu) Acupoints in Dogs
T. Kudo, M. Motojima, K. Kitazawa
Histology of the Acupoint
T.E. Croley, M. Carlson
Similarities Between Mexican and Chinese Traditional Medicines
J.F. Rivas
Viewpoint: Dueling Needles — Reflections on the Politics of Medical Models
L.I. Hammer
Selection from The Acupuncture Comprehensive Prescription Index: Treatment of Kidney Disorders
R.A. Dale
Reprint: Acupuncture — The Position Paper of the National Council Against Health Fraud
National Council Against Health Fraud
    Nine Ounces: A Nine Part Program for the Prevention of AIDS in HIV Positive Persons
    The Acupuncture Comprehensive Prescription Index
    Forgotten Traditions of Ancient Chinese Medicine
    Seeds of Progress: Organization of a Trade Association for "ProBiotic" (Non-Allopathic) Health Care Professionals
    4 the Planet and Right Livelihood, too!
    Acupuncture in Angina Pectoris: Does Acupuncture Have a Specific Effect?
    A Dialogue Between Practitioners of Alternative (Traditional) Medicine and Modern (Western) Medicine in Norway.
    Acupuncture to Alleviate Pain During Colonoscopy
    Acupuncture for Bronchial Asthma: A Double-Blind Crossover Study.
    Use of Non-Orthodox and Conventional Health Care in Great Britain.
    Mechanism of Analgesia Induced by Hypnosis and Acupuncture: Is There a Difference?
    Noninvasive Stimulation of the PC-6 (Neiguan) Anti-emetic Acupuncture Point in Cancer Chemotherapy.
    Laser Reflexotherapy of Patients with Chronic Prostatitis.
    Acupuncture for Bronchial Asthma Patients.
    Reflexotherapy in Patients with Associated Alcoholism and Depression Syndromes.
    Convergence from the Preoptic Area and Arcuate Nucleus to the Median Eminence in Acupuncture and Non-acupuncture Point Stimulation Analgesia.
    Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture in the Treatment of 800 Cases of Chronic Pharyngitis.
    Clinical Observation of 246 Cases of Diabetes Treated by Acupuncture.
    Observation of 160 Cases Sequelae of Cerebral Thrombosis Treated Respectively by Needling Back-Shu points in Combination with Body Acupuncture or Body Acupuncture Alone.
    Clinical Observation of 526 Cases of Primary Sciatica Treated with Manual Manipulation in Combination with Acupuncture.
    Clinical Report of 348 Cases of Facial Paralysis Treated with Acupuncture of Four Needles.
    Clinical Observation of 186 Cases of Alopecia Treated with Acupuncture.
    Observation of Blood Flow Capacity of Vertebra and Cervical Artery Affected by Propagated Sensation with Acupuncture Excitation.
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Pointing Finger Volume 19, No. 4 (1991)
Pregnancy and Acupuncture from Conception to Postpartum
C. Rempp, A. Bigler
Influence of Moxibustion on Immune Function in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Zhu Yuewei, et al.
Trigger Finger Relieved by Activation of Distal Ahshi Points in the Area of the Pericardium and Heart Meridians: A Pilot Study
M. Sternfeld, E. Lipskier, et al.
The Treatment of Pathological Obesity by a New Auricular Method: A Five Year Clinical Experience
G.K. Alkaysi
Immune Enhancement through Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Specific Treatment for Allergic Disorders, Mild Infectious Disease, and Secondary Infections
K. Nagano
War Neurosis According to Chinese Medicine: A Preliminary Survey
R. Monajem
Electroacupuncture During Labor and Its Effect on Peripheral Beta-Endorphin Concentration
E. Shalev, N. Yanay, D. Peleg, E. Yagudin
The Principles and Clinical Applications of the Triple Warmer and the Five Phases in Eye Orbit Micro-Acupuncture
R. Dale
Contemporary Acupuncture Research: The Difficulties of Research Across Scientific Paradigms
A. Bensoussan
Medical Applications of Qigong and Emitted Qi on Humans, Animals, Cell Cultures and Plants: Review of Selected Scientific Research
K. Sancier, B-K. Hu
    Shifting Meridians...
    False Premises, Fuzzy Solutions
    Acupuncture in Anaesthesia and Surgery: Studies in China and the Netherlands
    The Golden Needle and Other Odes of Traditional Acupuncture
    The Vital Meridian: A Modern Exploration of Acupuncture
    Scatology and The Gate of Life: The Role of the Large Intestine in Immunity — An Integrated Chinese-Western Approach
    Mystery of the Needle: Japanese Art in Needling
    1291 Cases of Cholelithiasis Treated with Electric Shock on Otoacupoints.
    Effect of Acupuncture Point Stimulation on Diastolic Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Subjects: A Preliminary Study.
    Treatment of Essential Hypertension with Auriculoacupressure.
    The Effect of Acupuncture on Endocrine Regulation in Hypertensive Patients.
    Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion on Anti-Obesity in the Variation of Plasma Cyclic Nucleotide and the Function of Vegetative Nervous System.
    Effect of Laser Acupuncture on Pulmonary Vascular Resistance in Patients with Obstructive Chronic Lung Diseases.
    A Controlled Study of Clinical Therapeutic Effects of Laser Acupuncture for Schizophrenia.
    Acupuncture for Treatment of Facial Muscular Pain.
    Pneumothorax Resulting from Acupuncture.
    Permanently Imbedded Subcutaneous Acupuncture Needles: Radiographic Appearance.
    A Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Evaluation of Acupressure in the Treatment of Motion Sickness.
    W.H.O. and The Development of Acupuncture Nomenclature: Overcoming a Tower of Babel.
    Reflex Analgesia in the Combined Treatment of Pregnant Women with a Pathological Preliminary Period.
    Use of the Method of Pulsed Thermopuncture in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Alcoholism During Therapeutic Remission.
    Possibility of Correcting Interhemispheric EEG Asymmetry in the Process of Prevention of Recurrences of Alcoholism by Reflexotherapy [Acupuncture].
    Effect of Reflexotherapy [Acupuncture] and Drugs on the Secretory Function of the Stomach in Children with Chronic Gastroduodenitis.
    Effect of Acupuncture on Intestinal Motion and Sero-Enzyme Activity Post Surgery.
    The Effect of Acupuncture on the Psychosomatic Status of Peptic Ulcer Patients.
    Local Anesthesia Blocks the Anti-emetic Action of PC-6 Acupuncture.
    Effect of PC-6 Acupressure on Postoperative Vomiting in Children Undergoing Outpatient Strabismus Correction.
    Clinical Observations on Acupuncture Treatment of Peripheral Facial Paralysis Aided by Infrared Thermography: A Preliminary Report.
    Treatment of Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome in Dogs with Electroacupuncture Stimulation of Stomach-36.
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Pointing Finger Volume 18, No. 1 (1990)
The Effect of Acupuncture Treatment on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
G.D. Chen
Comprehensive Study of the Treatment of Schizophrenia with Electric Acupuncture, Herbal Decoction and Chlorpromazine
L-D. Zhang, et al.
The Acupoint Potential, Electroreception and Bio-Electrical Homeostasis of the Human Body
C. Ionescu-Tirgoviste, S. Pruna
Cytochemical Probes for Ultrastructural Detection of Yin and Yang Components of Cell Surface
V. Muresan, F.C. Bratila
Acupuncture Therapy for Posterior Paresis in a Dog
G.V. Lakshmipathi, et al.
Understanding Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Electrodiagnosis: Clinical Applications of Quantum Mechanics
F.F. Royal
Tripartite Diagnosis: A Methodology for Synthesizing Traditional Chinese and Modern Western Medicine
B. Flaws
Testing Knowledge and Skills in Traditional Oriental Medicine: A Report on the Development of the California Examination for Licensing Acupuncturists
P. Eckman
Acu-Forum: Basic Acupuncture Vocabularies for Doctors and Patients
R.A. Dale
Qigong Resources USA: Learning Qigong from the Masters
R. Jahnke
    P.R.C. Update: Status for Foreign Travelers And Students
    The Role of Traditional Medicine in Today's Health Care
    Needle-Stick Accidents, Acupuncture and AIDS
    WHO Adopts International Nomenclature for Acupuncture
    Seasickness May Be All in the Wrist
    Herbs Make Male Pill
    Character and Health: The Relationship of Acupuncture and Psychology
    Yves Requena
    Acupuncture Points: Images and Functions
    A. Lade
    Outline Guide to Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines in Pill Form with Sample Pictures of the Boxes
    Margaret A. Naeser
    A Handbook of Traditional Chinese Dermatology
    Liang Jian-Hui
    A Controlled Trial of the Treatment of Migraine by Acupuncture.
    Effect of Diazepam on Electroacupuncture-Induced Changes in Regional Gamma-aminobutyric acid of the Rat Central Nervous System.
    The Significance of Needle Placement Site in Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture Needle Dermatitis.
    Biofeedback and Auriculotherapy for Pain Management and Relaxation Therapy.
    Methods of Stimulating Acupuncture Points for Treatment of Chronic Back Pain in Horses.
    Neuropathic Pain: A New Theory for Chronic Pain of Intrinsic Origin.
    Comparative Studies of the Influences of Natural Hemostasis of the Skin Wound Under Electroacupunture Analgesia and Drug Anesthesia in Dogs.
    The Influence of Electrical Stimulation of Postcruciate Cortex on Nociceptive Response in CM Neurons of the Thalamus and Its Comparison with Effect of Electroacupuncture in the Cat.
    Passive Acupuncture Points as a Physical and Physiologic Indicator of Homeostasis.
    Treatment of Acute Gastric Pain by Needling Acupoints Liangqiu and Weishu.
    Efficacy of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Post-Stroke Aphasia.
    Optic Atrophy Treated by Needling Qiuhou (Extra 4).
    Juvenile Myopia Treated by Auricular Acupressure.
    Impotence Treated by Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
    Acupuncture Treatment of Hirsutism and Its Effect on Endocrine Levels.
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Pointing Finger Volume 18, No. 2 (1990)
Plasma Beta Endorphin and Serum Bombesin Levels During Acupuncture Treatment of Duodenal Ulcer
S. Lovacky, et al.
Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Chronic Immunodeficiency: Diagnosis & Treatment
M. Cohen
Successful Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis With Acupuncture
R.T. Story
Study on the Bioenergetic Measurement of Acupuncture Points for Determination of Correct Dosages of Allopathic or Homeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
J.J. Tsuei, et al.
An Introduction to Koryo Sooji Chim: Korean Hand Acupuncture
P. Eckman
The Holograms of Hand Micro-Acupuncture: A Study in Systems of Correspondence
R.A. Dale
The Role of Gap Junctions in Determining Skin Conductance and Their Possible Relationship to Acupuncture Points and Meridians
J. Fan, et al.
Acu-Forum: The Individual Cun as the Appropriate Unit of Measure for Acupuncture Needle Depth
K. Bao
Viewpoint: Acupuncture Needs a Copernicus
D. Foster
    Classical Moxibustion Skills in Contemporary Clinical Practice
    Sung Baek
    Electromagnetic Man
    Cyril Smith, Simon Best
    Migraines and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Layperson's Guide
    Bob Flaws
    Urgent Plea
    HIV Herbal Treatment Training and Certification Programs for LAcs and MDs
    Acupuncture Meridians and Radiotracers
    A Meta-Analysis of Acupuncture for Chronic Pain
    Effect of Single Moxibustion on Platelet Aggregation and ATP-release in Mice
    Foreign Body in the Median Nerve: A Complication of Acupuncture
    Iodine-131 Uptake in a Patient with Thyroid Cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis During Acupuncture Treatment
    Analgesic Effects of Acupuncture in Thoracolumbar Disc Disease in Dogs
    Effect of Moxibustion on Aged Rats (Report IV): Reversal from Movement Disorders and Recovering Estrus Cycles
    The Influence of Acupuncture on Blood Pressure and Pulse: Studies of the Variations by Individuality and Therapeutic Technique
    Electroacupuncture and Postoperative Emesis
    Acupuncture and Neurophysiology
    413 Cases of Abnormal Fetal Position Corrected by Auricular Plaster Therapy
    Acupuncture Before Delivery: Effect on Pain Perception and the Need for Analgesics
    Clinical Observation of 50 Cases with Primary Pigmentary Degeneration of the Retina Treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
    Clinical Observation on Treatment of 48 Cases of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage by Scalp Acupuncture
    Measurement of the Analgetic Effects of Acupuncture
    Optic Atrophy Treated with Acupuncture.
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Pointing Finger Volume 18, No. 3 (1990)
When Traditional Oriental or Modern Medicine Fail: Could Dental Amalgams Be
Contributing to Our Declining Health?
F.F. Royal
The Possibility of Inducing Labor With Acupuncture
A. Dörr
Immune Systems, Defense Mechanisms and Acupuncture: Fundamental and Practical Aspects
J. Bossy
The TCM Etiology and Differential Diagnosis of Neonatal Jaundice
B. Flaws
Combined Acupuncture and Drug Therapy in the Treatment of Supraventricular
Tachycardia Related to Endobronchial Tuberculosis
M. Sternfeld, et al.
Management of Systemic Fungal Infections by Chinese Herbal Medicine
M.M. Van Benschoten
Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy in a Dog
C. Schwartz
The Role of Connective Tissue as the Physical Medium for the Conduction of
Healing Energy in Acupuncture and Rolfing
D. Larson
The Pathologic Findings of "Xue Lo" in the Classic "Lo Zu"
J-R Chen, et al.
Acu-Forum: Acupuncture Exercises for the Nose: Improving Respiration, Energy (Qi) and the Sense of Smell
R.A. Dale
    People Are Listening
    From France: A Report on the Second World Symposium on Ophthalmology
    Clinical Handbook of Chinese Prepared Medicines
    Zhu Chun-Han
    Close to the Bone
    David Legge
    Sticking to the Point: A Rational Methodology for the Step by Step Formulation and Administration of an Acupuncture Treatment
    Bob Flaws
    The Use of Alternative Therapies by New Zealand General Practitioners
    Pharmacists' Perceptions of Alternative Health Approaches: A Comparison Between U.S. and British Pharmacists.
    Postoperative Nausea is Relieved by Acupressure.
    Treating Patients with Nervous Vomiting in the Dental Office by Point-stimulating Therapy.
    Effects of Acupuncture in Moderate, Stable Angina Pectoris: A Controlled Study.
    Physiatric Therapeutics: Pain.
    Acupressure and Motion Sickness.
    Nursing Approaches to Nonpharmacological Pain Control.
    Concentric Electrodes for Producing Acupuncture-Like Anesthetic Effects.
    Connections Found Between Each Meridian (Heart, Stomach, Triple Burner, etc.) and Organ Representation Area of Corresponding Internal Organs in Each Side of the Cerebral Cortex; Release of Common Neurotransmitters and Hormones Unique to Each Meridian and Corresponding Acupuncture Point and Internal Organ After Acupuncture, Electrical Stimulation, Mechanical Stimulation (Including Shiatsu), Soft Laser Stimulation or Qi Gong.
    Comparative Study of Cerebral Infarction Treated with Acupuncture on six Acupoints of Yang Meridian and Calan Tablets.
    On "Reinforcing the Mother-Organ When Treating Cases of Deficiency, and Treating the Excess Syndrome by Reducing the Son-Organ".
    Clinical and Experimental Research on Yingfen Syndrome of Epidemic Febrile Diseases Treated with Method of Cooling Ying System and Removing Heat.
    Diagonal Earlobe Crease: Possible Significance as Cardiovascular Risk Factor and Its Relationship to Ear-Acupuncture.
    Electroacupuncture in the Treatment of Enuresis Nocturna.
    The Arterial Pulse Analyzer as a Potential Replacement for Manual Pulse Palpation in Oriental Medicine.
    An Approach to Vertigo According to Neurology/Psychiatry: Behavioral Medicine and Acupuncture.
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Pointing Finger Volume 18, No. 4 (1990)
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Sciatica and Low Back Pain: Review of Recent Studies and Prescriptions with Recommendations for Improved Results
A. Chen
Traditional Medicine in Contemporary China
N. Sivin
Postscript: Reflections on the Situation in China
N. Sivin
Laser and Electrodiagnostic Techniques for the Isolation and Treatment of Odontogenous Foci
D. Tucker
Acupuncture and Acupoint Injection for Late Stage Primary Liver Cancer
Y-F Chen
A Variation of Acupuncture Used in the Sedation of Hyperactive Children
K. Matsumoto, et al.
Acu-Forum: Acupuncture Exercises for the Sense of Taste
R.A. Dale
Viewpoint: Point — Counterpoint
    Acupuncture and Dentistry
    Update on Acupuncture in Cuba
    Chinese Herbal Medicine Wheel: Internal Medicine I
    Kerry Carmody     Pulses and Impulses
    Graham Townsend, Ysha de Donna
    Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies
    Dan Bensky, Randall Barolet
    A Pilot Study of Metoclopramide, Dexamethasone, Diphenhydramine and Acupuncture in Women Treated With Cisplatin.
    Acupuncture Anaesthesia: Observations on Its Use for Removal of Thyroid Adenomata and Influence on Recovery and Morbidity in a Chinese Hospital.
    Parturition Pain Treated by Intracutaneous Injections of Sterile Water.
    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in the Relief of Primary Dysmenorrhea.
    A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Evaluation of Trigger-Point Injection Therapy for Low Back Pain.
    Effects of Auricular Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Distal Extremity Pain: A Pilot Study.
    Effect of Helium-Neon Laser Auriculotherapy on Experimental Pain Threshold.
    Neurophysiologic Changes During the Treatment of Endogenic Depression by Reflexotherapy (Acupuncture).
    Electrical Acupuncture in Combination with Surgical Intervention in the Treatment of Patients with Polypous Rhinosinusitis (Nasal Polyps).
    The Use of Low-Energy Laser Radiation in The Combined Treatment of Patients with Acute Pneumonia.
    The Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Vascular Syndromes of Cervical Osteochondrosis.
    Observations on 125 Cases of Deaf-Mutism Treated by Acupuncture.
    The Effects of Electroacupuncture at "Renzhong" on Some Physiological Indices of Rabbits During Hemorrhagic Shock.
    The Effect of Qigong Exercise on the Blood Level of Monoamine Neurotransmitters in Patients with Chronic Diseases.
    Study on the Role of Qi Reaching to Affected Area by Acupuncture in "Promoting Blood Circulation to Remove Blood Stasis."
    Effect of Qigong on Sympathetic-Adrenomedullary Functions of Patients With Liver Yang Exuberance Type Hypertension.
    Effect of Acupuncture on Exercise Ability in Rabbits.
    Analysis of 220 Cases with Peripheral Facial Paralysis Treated by Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture.
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Pointing Finger Volume 17 (1989)
Acupuncture for Chronic Asthma: A Controlled Trial with Six Months Follow-up.
Preliminary Study on an Easy and Needleless Method to Elicit Acupuncture-Like Effects by Stimulating Oral Points.
Pain Clinic Report: Simple Method for Treatment of Chronic Lower Extremity Pain.
Electroencephalographic Evidence Demonstrates Altered Brainwave Patterns by Acupoint Stimulation.
Study on Bioenergy in Diabetes Mellitus Patients.
Correlation Between Endogenous Opiate-Like Peptides and Serotonin in Laserpuncture Analgesia.
The Curious Meridians.
The Americanization of Acupuncture.
The Nose Micro-Acupuncture System.
ACULARS: A New Database Developed Specifically for Acupuncture-Moxibustion Literature Retrieval.
An Electrophysiological View of Acupuncture: Role of Capacitive and Closed Circuit Currents and Their Clinical Effects in the Treatment of Cancer and Chronic Pain.
Acupuncture and Supraventricular Tachycardia.
The Use of Electroacupuncture in the Treatment of Idiopathic Facial Paralysis.
How Effective is Acupuncture Without Proper Detoxification?
Apparent Inducement of Vertebral Realignment Following Acupuncture for Pain Relief: A Case Study.
Qi Gong: Awakening and Mastering the Profound Medicine That Lies Within.
Grasping the Essence: A Short Discussion of Spermatorrhea and the Logic of Chinese Medicine.
Equine Acupuncture Based on Twelve Points: An Effective Diagnostic and Therapeutic Method for Veterinarians With No Acupuncture Knowledge.
Ear Exercises Using Acupuncture Points.
Treatment of Two Cases of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis With Electroacupuncture Including Patient's Account of Progress Enhanced by Combining Conscious Manipulation of Qi.
Trigeminal Neuralgia: Rapid Response to Electroacupuncture.
A Dramatic Therapeutic Possibility in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Drug Resistant Hiccup Due to Anterior Wall Myocardial Infarction Abrogated by Acupuncture Treatment: A Case Report.
Effects of Acupuncture and Biofeedback on the EMG and Symptom Severity in Chronic Pain Patients.
Passing Wind: A Short Discussion of Flatulence According to Chinese Medicine.
Assessing the Effectiveness of Acupuncture: Comparison and Evaluation of Four Retrospective Surveys of the Patient's Opinion.
Diagnostic Homeopathy: A TCM Protocol.
A Scientific Model for Acupuncture: Part 1.
Effective Acupuncture Therapy for Migraine: Review and Comparison of Prescriptions With Recommendations for Improved Results.
Effect of Acupuncture on Neonatal Jaundice.
Acupuncture and Blepharospasm: A Five Case Study.
Laser Acupuncture: Can Lasers Replace Needles? What Is the Optimum Dosage? — A Review of Current Literature.
Stagnant Food and Pediatric Disease: The Care and Feeding of Infants According to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Effects of Acupuncture on the Treatment of Repeat Breeding Zebu Cattle.
A Scientific Model for Acupuncture: Part 2.
On the Development of a Mathematical Model for the Laws of the Five Phases.
The Face Micro-Acupuncture System.
Viewpoint: Pre-Menstrual Awareness — An Alternative Approach Utilizing Combined Therapeutics.
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Pointing Finger Volume 16 (1988)
Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Distance Runner.
Acupuncture Anesthesia for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy.
Clinical Cases of Epstein Barr Virus Infection Treated with Homeopathic and Chinese Therapeutics.
Secret Shaolin Acupuncture Prescriptions: A Glimpse of a Buddhist Lineage of Chinese Medicine.
Successful Treatment of Paralysis of the Upper Extremity with Acupuncture.
Stein Leventhal Syndrome: A Case Study.
Dramatic Response to Combined Use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electroacupuncture.
Veterinary Medicine: Relationship Between Electrically Active Skin Points and Acupuncture Meridian Points in the Dog.
AIDS: Results of Chinese Medical Treatment Show Frequent Symptom Relief and Some Apparent Long-Term Remissions.
Suppression of Epileptic Seizures with Acupuncture: Efficacy, Mechanism, and Perspective.
A New Diagnostic Test for Acupuncturists.
Studies of Bioenergy in Healthy Subjects.
Evaluation of Acupuncture as a Treatment for Smoking.
Acupuncture Therapy in Allergic Rhinitis.
An Historical Appreciation of Dr. So's The Treatment of Disease with Acupuncture Including a Comparison With Cheng Tan-An.
Athletic Massage with Traditional Chinese Techniques.
Wind as a Factor of Pathogenesis.
A Study of the Effects of Acupuncture Analgesia in Buffaloe Calves.
Dramatic Response to Illnesses of Spinal Cord Origin Treated with SI-3 and the "Loo Point."
Lo Zu: A Successful Alternative to Acupuncture Failures in the Treatment of Chronic Tension Headache.
Acupuncture Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides.
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Bio-Electronic Regulatory Techniques.
Bioquantum Mechanical Theory of the Mechanism of Acupuncture and Related Modalities.
Acupuncture Treatment for Crack: Clinical Survey of 1,500 Patients Treated.
Categories of Phlegm Fluid (Tan Yin) and Their Acupuncture Treatment According to Cheng Tan-An.
Changes of Cortical Somatosensory Evoked Potential by Acupuncture.
Veterinary Medicine: Anatomic Variability of Some Major Acupuncture Points in the Dog.
Traditional Acupuncture Treatment for Whiplash Syndrome.
Induction of Circulating Interferon in Humans by Acupuncture.
Possible Mechanisms of Acupuncture as an Independent Method for Treating Ischemic Heart Disease.
Successful Treatment of Paralysis of the Lower Extremity with Acupuncture.
Bioenergetic Regulatory Measurement Instruments and Devices.
Cheng Tan-An's Treatment of Shang Han Diseases.
Bimodal Effect of Moxibustion on Mammary Carcinoma.
Dusseldorf Acupuncture Symposium Report: The Scientific Bases of Acupuncture.
Acu-Forum: The Chinese Acupressure Eye Exercises.
The AcuData® Meridian Management System: Computer Software Comes of Age for Acupuncturists.
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Pointing Finger Volume 15 (1987)
Acupuncture for Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia.
What Do Electrodiagnostic Instruments Really Measure?
Enhancement of Immunosurveillance in Cancer Patients.
Acupuncture and the AIDS Epidemic: Reflections on the Treatment of 200 Patients in Four Years.
Rapid, Effective Noninvasive Treatment of Pain and Diseases with Acupuncture Magnets.
Therapeutic Electroacupuncture in the Treatment of Cervical Spine Syndrome.
Diagnostic Ear Acupuncture in the Dog: Relationship Between Active Points and Internal Skin Diseases.
Acupuncture Treatment of Reactive Hypoglycemia as Dysautonomia.
Passive Acupuncture Points for Pain Quantification: Clinical Implications.
Scientific and Physical Aspects of MORA Acupuncture.
The Use of Laser on Acupuncture Points for Smoking Cessation.
Acupuncture: Its Place in Clinical Ecology.
Effect of Acupuncture on Symptomatology and Objective Cardiac Parameters in Angina Pectoris.
Acupuncture Therapy in Low Back Pain.
Acupuncture Analgesia for Laparotomy in Dogs and Cats.
An Alternative Approach to Premedication: Comparing Diazepam with Auriculotherapy and Relaxation.
An Effective Program for Cancer Prevention.
Treatment of Warts with Moxibustion and Acupuncture.
Acupressure Therapy in a School Environment for Handicapped Children.
Measurement of Acupuncture Injury Potential by Acupunctometry.
The Beneficial Effects of Electrical Acupuncture on Irradiated Mice.
Acupuncture and its Effect on Low Back Pain: Correlation with Beta-Endorphin Immunoreactivity.
Studies on the Amount of Tissue Glutathione in Mercury Treated Mice by Electrical Acupuncture.
Lumbar Puncture Headache Relieved by Acupuncture.
Electroacupuncture Therapy of Acute Painful Torticollis.
Auriculodiagnostic Points in the Dog: Relationship to Disorders of the Nervous and Locomotor Systems. Gallstones: Case History of Removal via Acupuncture.
Use of Electroacupuncture in Labor.
Acupuncture Treatment of Alcoholic Recidivism: A Pilot Study.
Rapid Outstanding Relief of Temporal Region Headache with Acupuncture Therapy.
Neuromuscular Circuit Testing: New Method.
Regional and Systemic Phenomena in the Appearance of Passive Acupuncture Points.
Acupuncture as a Mechanism of Chiropractic Sacral Apex Adjustment.
Acupuncture and AIDS: Some Guidelines for Prevention of Nosocomial Disease.
Hope for Homeopaths & Acupuncturists.
Comparison of Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture in Treatment of Preweaning Diarrhea of Piglets.
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Pointing Finger Volume 14 (1986)
Diagnostic Techniques Using Bioenergetic Recording Methods.
Passive Acupuncture Points on Thoracic Spinous Processes in Individuals Suffering from Pain.
Relationships Between Ryodoraku Autonomic Nervous Patterns and Immunological Levels.
A New Method of Color Acupuncture Therapy.
Effect of Different Waveforms on Acute Pleurisy.
Seven Prescriptions and Ten Pharmaceutical Forms of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy.
Treatment of Chronic Headache with an Acupuncture-Antidepressant Combination.
Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy for the Treatment of Neurasthenia.
Adoption of Acupuncture by Anesthesiologists.
Electrical Acupuncture Point Conductance in the Living Compared to That in the Dead.
Prolapse of Thoracolumbar Disc — Contraindication for Electroacupuncture in Dogs.
Status of Acupuncture and Meridian Theory: A Review.
Acupuncture Effect on Mercury Distribution in Tissue.
Reduction of Body Weight Through Auriculotherapy.
Acupuncture Promotes Body Self-Defense and Homeostasis.
Acupuncture Regulates Rhythm in Severe Arrhythmias.
Waterbath Technique with TENS for Control of Pain.
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Migraine.
Significance of Meridian Abnormalities in Cancer.
Acupuncture Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
Podiatric Acupuncture for Bunion Pain and Surgery.
The Usefulness of Acupuncture in Leprosy.
Acupuncture Works — Like Computer!
Treatment of Arthritis with Acupuncture-Antidepressant Combination.
On the Retention of Acupuncture Needles.
Anatomical Consideration of "Teh Chi" Phenomenon.
Successful Acupuncture Treatment of Facial Paralysis.
A New Illness: Physiological Nervous Tension and Its Treatment by Acupuncture.
Acupuncture in the Management of Pruritus.
Successful Acupuncture Treatment of Uremic Pruritus.
Superior New Acupuncture Method for Treatment of Low Back Pain.
The Role of Vagus Nerve in Weight Reduction Through Auricular Acupuncture.
Instrument-Assisted Pulse Evaluation in Acupuncture.
Acupuncture in Corticosteroid-Dependent Asthmatics.
Acupuncture Treatment: A Traffic Hazard?
Leukorrhea and Vaginitis: Their Differential Diagnosis and Treatment.
Physical Mechanism of Tonification and Sedation by Acupuncture.
New Approach to Smoking Cessation with Ear Acupuncture and Behavior Modifications.
Diagnosis of Chronic Appendicitis Using Bioelectronic Regulatory Techniques.
Sequence and Frequency of Tertiary Acupuncture Points Turning from Latent to Passive Phase.
Acupuncture for Long-Term Treatment of Headache.
Neuromuscular Circuit Testing for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and Ecologic Illness.
Western and Eastern Diagnosis of Night Blindness.
Beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine: Treating the Energetic Core.
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Pointing Finger Volume 13 (1985)
Electric Potentials of Jing Distal Points in Diabetics With and Without Polyneuropathy.
The Importance of Fifteen Crucial Points in Electroacupuncture.
Tapping the Body's Own Resources: Acupuncture, TENS, and Relaxation Therapy.
Primary Spasmodic Dysmenorrhea: Use of TENS on Acupuncture Points.
Acupuncture-Like Effects of AChE-Activators Administered in Alimentary Tract.
New Method of Identifying Therapeutically Effective Homeopathic Remedies and Acupuncture Points.
Simple New Method for Quantifying Chronic Pain.
Early Diagnosis of Microcancer by Cancer Check of Related Acupuncture Meridian.
Comparison of Acupuncture and Placebo in the Treatment of Chronic Shoulder Pain.
Comparison of Western and Eastern Medicine: The Important Role of Acupuncture.
The Detection and Treatment of Microcancer.
Pain Management and the New Generation of "Intelligent" TENS Devices.
Representative Pepper's Anti-Quackery Legislation.
Physical Balancing: Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology.
Acupuncture Modalities Function by Relieving Stress and its Symptoms.
Veterinary Medicine: Disappearance of Accidental Ketonuria in a Cow After Acupuncture Treatment.
Premenstrual Syndrome: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment.
Abdominal Diagnosis and Indications in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Age and Sex in Relation to Pain Expressed Through Passive Acupuncture Points.
Cancer Patient Differences Between Right and Left Sides Determined with Ryodoraku Acupuncture.
Preference of Acupuncture Therapy in Autonomic Diabetic Neuropathy.
Comparison of Ecological Testing with Vega Test in Identifying Sensitivities to Chemicals, Food, etc.
Evoked Electrical Conductivity on Lung Acupuncture Points in Healthy Persons and Lung Cancer Patients.
The Medical Costs Recovery Program.
New Acupuncture Method: Face Diagnosis and Cybernetic Therapy.
Symptoms Associated with Impaired Transmission of Nerve Impulses to Different Muscle Areas and their Treatment with Acupuncture.
Hemorrhoids: Suggested Acupuncture Differential Diagnosis and Treatment.
Pesticide Poisoning Treated with Chinese Acupuncture.
Neural Stimulation and Conventional Physical Therapy.
Endogenous and Exogenous Factors in the Conversion of Acupuncture Points from Latent to Passive Phase.
New Treatment and Hypothesis for Previously Failed EAV Cases.
Proposed Use of Acupuncture in Space Travel.
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Pointing Finger Volume 12 (1984)
A Comparison of Western and Eastern Medicine.
Effects of Acupuncture on Low Back Pain and Sciatica.
Uses and Limitations of Acupuncture Points Measurement, German Electroacupuncture and EAV.
The Six Divisions in Acupuncture, Dermatomes and the Peripheral Nervous System.
Laser Acupuncture: Its Use in Physical Therapy.
Standardized Symptoms on the Basis of Low-Level Mixed Pathology in Energetic Medicine.
Neural Therapy Based on Kothbauer's Points: Its Relationship to Veterinary Acupuncture.
Food Allergy Study Utilizing EAV Acupuncture.
Effect of Cranial Laser Acupuncture on Muscle Strength in Healthy Individuals.
Role of Moxibustion in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Acupuncture and Thermal Injury.
Anatomical Features Contributing to the Formation of Acupuncture Points.
An Effective Alcohol Abstinence Treatment.
Spinal Cord Injuries Treated by TENS and Transcutaneous Electroacupuncture.
What is Indupoint Acupuncture Therapy?
Frequently Misleading Diagnosis: "Cerebral Sclerosis."
Veterinary Medicine: Cesarean Section in an Ewe Under Acupuncture Anesthesia.
A New Scientific Method of Pulse Diagnosis.
New Method for Locating Acupuncture Points and Body Field Distortions.
Electrical Diagnosis in Acupuncture.
Auricular Acupuncture for Relief of Tooth Pain?
Treatment of Thrombophlebitis by Acupuncture.
Acupuncture Detoxification in a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Setting.
Comparison of Electroacupuncture and Selected Physical Therapy for Acute Spine Pain.
Three Principles of Acupuncture Points.
Veterinary Medicine: Acupuncture in Parturition and Reposition of Prolapsed Uterus in Cows.
Cancer Diagnosis with Ryodoraku Neurometric Patterns.
Reversal of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy During Acupuncture in Patients with Essential Hypertension.
Effective Prevention of Coronary Heart Attacks.
Introduction to Theory and Practice of German Electroacupuncture (EAV) and Accompanying Medications.
Clinical Classification of Acupuncture Points.
Increased Success Rate Using New Acupuncture Point for Stop-Smoking Program.
American Acupuncturists Bring Back New Findings from Traditional Clinics in China.
Acupuncture-Like Effects of Cesium Salts Acting on Acupuncture Meridian Points.
Electric Acupuncture on Carrageenan-Pleurisy: Using Various Body Regions for Stimulation.
Veterinary Medicine: Traditional Acupuncture and Tetanus in the Horse.
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Pointing Finger Volume 11 (1983)
Acupuncture Is Not Hypnosis.
Treatment of Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain by Electric and Thermal Acupuncture.
Case Findings from a Family Practitioner's Office Using Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV).
How Effective is Acupuncture in Older Patients?
Acupuncture Anesthesia Abdominal Surgery in Bovines.
Acupuncture Analgesia in Odonto-Stomatology.
Epilepsy and Schizophrenia as Field Phenomena.
Effect of Acupuncture on Lymphocyte Behavior.
A Treatment for Transmissible Virus Dementia.
Acupuncture Therapy for Tinnitus.
Intersections of Holography, Psi, and Acupuncture.
The Treatment of Enuresis by Acupuncture.
The Use of Low Strength Magnets on EAV Points.
Acupuncture Treatment of Functional Hypoglycemia.
The Efficacy of Acupuncture in Low Back Pain.
Electroacupuncture and Electrostimulation for Chronic Intractable Pain.
Measuring Acupuncture-Induced Endorphins by Flicker-Fusion Threshold Technique.
Eastern and Western Medicine: A Partnership.
On the Mastery of Acupuncture.
Single Acupuncture Point Effective in Lumbar Pain.
The Antitussive Effects of Acupuncture.
Making Sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Comparison of Chinese and Nogier Auricular Points.
Acupuncture-Evoked EEG of Normal Human Subjects.
Influence of Needling Depth and Distance Between Acupuncture Points on Electric Current Resistance.
Effect of Electric Acupuncture and Moxibustion on Phagocytic Activity of Reticulo-Endothelial System.
The Case for Traditional Acupuncture Education.
Further Experiences with Low Strength Magnets Applied to EAV Acupuncture Points.
New Non-Invasive Pulse Wave Recording Instrument for the Acupuncture Clinic.
Veterinary Medicine: Acupuncture Meridians and Ancient Points Especially in Cattle.
Revolutionary New Pain Theory and Acupuncture Treatment Based on New Acupuncture Mechanism.
New Nomenclature for Identifying Chinese and Nogier Auricular Acupuncture Points.
Evaluation of the Acupuncture Effect in Chronic Pain.
New Device Which Detects and Measures an Energy Field Around the Human Body.
Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Acute Inflammation.
Veterinary Medicine: Acupuncture Treatment of Aerophagia in Horses.
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Pointing Finger Volume 10 (1982)
Autonomic Effects of Acupuncture and Analgesic Drugs on the Cardiovascular System.
The Chinese Medical Model in Thyroid Disease.
Electroencephalogram Correlates of Acupuncture.
Weight Control in Obesity: A Simple, Effective and Practical Acupuncture Approach.
Physiology of Acupuncture: Effects of Acupuncture on Peripheral Circulation.
A Better Point Nomenclature for Veterinary Acupuncture.
When Patients Ask: What IS Acupuncture.
The Origins and Future of Acupuncture.
The Medico-Anthropological Context of Acupuncture.
Electrodermal Characteristics of Acupuncture Points.
Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Lower Limb Problems.
Acupuncture Treatment for Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome.
Acupuncture Therapy Effective in Bell's Palsy.
Acupuncture Treatment of Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse.
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Six-Year Follow-Up.
Principle of Holography: Key to a Holistic Approach in Medicine and Acupuncture.
Acupuncture Therapy for Postoperative Scars.
Decision for Acupuncture Treatment: Expansion of the Right of Privacy.
The Acupuncture Organ Clock.
Preventive Medicine: The Correction of Vascular Risk Factors.
The Auriculo-Cardiac Reflex as Diagnostic Method for Food and Chemical Allergy Testing.
Veterinary Medicine: Some Cases Treated and Their Outcome.
Acupuncture-Induced Abortion in Rats.
Five Years Experience with Traditional Acupuncture in a Research Program Clinic.
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain.
Integration of Acupuncture Into the Finnish Medical Curriculum.
Sympathetic Dystrophy of the Hand Treated Successfully with Acupuncture.
A Critical Overview of U.S. Acupuncture Regulations.
New Three-Phase Acupuncture "Law."
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Hypogalactia.
Acupuncture Superior to Piroxicam in Osteoarthritis.
How to Learn Remedy Testing in EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll).
Neuro-Stimulation (Acupuncture Without Needles) Using Formula Books and High-Powered Equipment.
TENS in Podiatric Acupuncture.
Chronic Low Back Pain Treated by Electric Acupuncture.
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Pointing Finger Volume 9 (1981)
Acupuncture and Western Medicine.
Physiologic-Biochemical Bases of Drug Dependence Treated by Acupuncture.
Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment of a Chronic Recurrent Skin Disease and Septicemia.
Acupuncture in Patients Unresponsive to Conventional Treatment: Part 1.
Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Hyperlipoproteinemia.
Energetic Remote Effects of Odontons on Organs Measure by Electroacupuncture (EAV).
Electroacupuncture in the Treatment of Adult Diabetes.
Acupuncture Therapy in Chronic Pain.
Mediator Theory of Acupuncture: Its Application in Bronchial Asthma and Myasthenia Gravis.
Acupuncture in Patients Unresponsive to Conventional Treatment: Part 2.
Acupuncture Therapy for Paralysis Due to Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis.
The Autochthonous Plexuses: Possible Acupuncture Receptors.
Recent Investigations in Tongue Inspection.
Veterinary Acupuncture Therapy in Europe.
Principles of Physics and Their Influence in Medicine.
The Use of Nosodes in Electroacupuncture (EAV).
Circadian Rhythm and Traditional Acupuncture.
Acupuncture Inhibition of Lasix-Induced Diuresis.
Acupuncture for the Treatment of Low Back Pain.
Acupuncture and Expertise: A Challenge to Physician Control.
Research in the Electrical Specificity of Meridians and Acupuncture Points.
Thalamic Neuron Theory, the Law of the Five Elements and the Rhythmic Theory of Classical Acupuncture.
Acupuncture in Resistant Cases of Cervical Syndrome.
Comparison of Acupuncture Effect at Point GV-26 and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) on the Cardiovascular System of the Dog.
Electrical Skin Resistance Changes During Ophthalmic Surgery with Acupuncture Anesthesia.
Do Acupuncture Meridians Exist? Radioactive Tracer Study of the Bladder Meridian.
How to Stop Smoking: Discovery of an Effective New Acupuncture Point.
Fundamentals of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.
Acupuncture Therapy in Hemophilia.
EAV Diagnosis and Treatment Results in Odontogenous Focal Events.
The Treatment of Peripheral Polyneuritis by Electroacupuncture.
Acupuncture in Patients Unresponsive to Conventional Treatment: Part 3.
Homeopathic Detoxification Combined with EAV.
The Effectiveness of Acupuncture in Color Blindness.
Electrophysiological Correlates of Acupuncture.
Ulcerative Colitis Treated by Traditional Acupuncture.
Serious Complications of Acupuncture — or Acupuncture Abuses?
Hemorrheologic Findings on Light-Colored, Crimson and Blue-Purple Tongue Substance.
Calcaneal Spurs Removed by Acupuncture Variation.
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Pointing Finger Volume 8 (1980)
Acupuncture in Review: A Mechanistic Perspective.
Duodenal Ulcer Treated by Acupuncture.
Frequent Involvement of "Vital" Teeth in Focal Disturbances.
Acupuncture at Point GV-1: Cardiovascular Effects of Needling in Dogs.
Functional Impotence Effectively Treated by Acupuncture.
Can the Practice of Acupuncture Last a Lifetime?
Introduction to the Principles of Homeopathy.
Smoking Withdrawal Therapy by Acupuncture.
The Frozen Shoulder: Differential Acupuncture Therapy with Point ST-38.
The Phenomenon of Medicine Testing in EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll).
Hypoglycemia, Stress and Psychosomatic Illness: The Role of EAV.
The Extraordinary Acupuncture Meridians: Homeostatic Vessels.
The Bald Head and Chronic Low Back Pain.
The New Para-Spine Acupuncture Points.
Integrated Acupuncture Therapy for Body and Mind.
Why Contemporary Medicine is Failing.
Challenges to Health Care and Health Planning.
Proper Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Does Beta-Endorphin Modify the Sympathomimetic Effects of Acupuncture Analgesia in Dogs?
Acupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Leukoderma.
The World Health Organization's Viewpoint on Acupuncture.
The Treatment of Tietze's Syndrome by Acupuncture.
Experimental Studies of Acupuncture Analgesia.
Acupuncture Treatment of Shin Splints.
Ryodoraku Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis.
Acupuncture Therapy in Anxiety Neuroses: The Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome
Is Acupuncture in Danger in the West Today?
Acupuncture as Holistic Practice.
First, Doctor to the Whole Body.
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Practice and Mechanism of Action.
Acupuncture Analgesia: Twenty Cases of Tonsillectomy.
Interesting Results in Therapeutic Electroacupuncture.
Treatment of Quadriplegia in a Dog Using EAV.
Acupuncture Found of Major Importance in Depressive Syndromes.
Acupressure as Preventive Measure, Diagnosis Aid and Treatment Modality.
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Pointing Finger Volume 7 (1979)
New EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) Measurement Points for Various Eye Structures.
Scar Injection in Acupuncture: Huneke's Neural Therapy.
Investigation of Nonlinear Effects in Surface Electroacupuncture.
Pain Relief and Acupuncture.
Energetic Concepts of Classical Acupuncture.
Auricular Acupuncture: A New Approach to Treatment of Cerebral Palsy.
Acupuncture Treatment of 188 Cases of Low Back Pain.
Stimulation-Produced Analgesia in Treatment of Postoperative Low Back Pain.
Hip Pain Treated by Acupuncture.
Myasthenia Gravis Responding Well to Acupuncture.
Acupuncture and Natural Healing in Drug Detoxification.
Wilhelm Reich: Discoverer of Acupuncture Energy?
Allergic Rhinitis Treated with Acupuncture.
Transcutaneous Electroacupuncture and Electroanalgesia.
Active Acupuncture Point Impedance and Potential Measurements.
Autonomic Effects of Acupuncture on the Cardiovascular System of Anesthetized Dogs.
Bell's Palsy Treated with Electric Acupuncture.
Acupuncture Analgesia: Removal of a Nine Pound Six Ounce Tumor on the Neck.
Acupuncture Hyperstimulation Syndrome.
Acupuncture in Spastic Disorders of Skeletal Muscle.
Acupuncture Points for the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.
Acupuncture Therapy for Female Frigidity.
Determination of Serum Cortisol as Stress Indicator.
Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation: Comparison of Cardiovascular Effects at Point GV-26 in Dogs.
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Drug Addiction.
Cigarette Smoking Treated by Auriculotherapy.
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Chronic Peripheral Arteriopathies.
The Treatment of Intrinsic Asthma by Acupuncture.
Protein Reactions in the Body: Their Significance for Electroacupuncture.
Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia with Electric Acupuncture Using Alternate Frequencies.
Acupuncture for Smokers: Effect of Expectation on Treatment Outcome.
EAV Electroacupuncture: A True and Legitimate Preventive Medicine.
Origin and Development of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
Electrodermal Response During Dizziness Spells.
Weight Reduction with Auricular Acupressure.
Causalgia and Denervation Supersensitivity.
Acupuncture Therapy for Bronchial Asthma.
Sterilization Problems of Acupuncture Needles.
Phenomenon of Adequate Stimulus and its Significance for Acupuncture Applications.
Electric Acupuncture Stimulation in Insomnia.
Self-Injury Following Acupuncture Treatment.
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Pointing Finger Volumes 1 - 6 (1973 - 1978) Out of Print
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